Monday, October 26, 2009

Calling All Souls

Last night an owl called out, several times, near my window. He was hidden, somewhere on the mesa bathed in bluish, milky moonlight. His voice was clear and persistent. I relished the invitation to explore the mystery in this sacred season.

Every year I count the days to Halloween, which is also the cross-quarter sabbat called Samhain. What a powerful time it is, our connection with the netherworlds strengthened, our night vision more acute, extrasensory perceptions finely tuned. The seasons are turning, toward winter in the northern hemisphere, toward summer in the south. Fall is a time of harvest and gratitude. We prepare for winter and go within as the nights grow longer. The Samhain fire releases pain, suffering and outdated beliefs, preparation for our journey into higher realms of consciousness.

With the Sun in Scorpio, Samhain (pronounced 'sow-in' or 'sow-een') skims the boundaries between the living and the dead. This is a special time when we honor the Ancestors and loved ones who have crossed into spirit. We're especially attuned to their guidance, love and wisdom through this portal.

This year, the Full Moon energizes the mystic, healing qualities of this shamanic gateway. Full Moons illuminate what's been held in the subconscious. In Taurus/Scorpio, she invites us to see and embrace the shadow.

Samhain begins with Halloween on October 31 and continues through "true" Samhain on November 7 when the Sun reaches 15 degrees Scorpio. All Saint's Day is November 1 and Dia de las Muertas (All Soul's Day) is November 2. The Full Moon rises Sunday night, November 1. The alignments create a bubbling cauldron of possibilities fueled by Scorpio's promise of transcendence. Prepare for the cycle of death and rebirth embedded within this change of seasons.

Light a candle and invite the Ancestors and departed loved ones to your circle of prayer, healing and manifestation. Be clear with your intent and notice messages from beyond the veil. Mercury's conjunction with the Sun in Scorpio facilitates otherworldly communication. Also commune with the Earth herself, the animal and plant kingdoms. Open to receive their medicine and the visceral sensations of this creation.

Owl carries us into the Void, quantum field of no-time, no-space... the fertile ground where shamans and alchemists dance.

Tune in, ritualize and create during this sacred passage.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

2012 Is Now

Thank you, John Cusack.

You gave us "Serendipity," "Must Love Dogs" and so many other Hollywood treasures. Now the movie, "2012." Because of you, the world is waking up to the idea that something important, something galactic, is happening on planet Earth.

Never mind that Sony Pictures turned this into an over-the-top Hollywood apocalyptic extravaganza. At least it brings to light the single most important topic of our times... the Earth's transition to the next world age.

So now people are talking about it. Finally.

This has been a lifetime subject for me. As I wrote in my book, Cosmic Time, I've had dreams and visions since I was a child connected with the end times prophecies. As an adult, I learned that all spiritual traditions on Earth point to these times - the years leading up to and after 2012 - as a shift point created by the convergence of vast cycles of time that are ending, and beginning, right now.

This isn't Hollywood-disaster-doom-and-gloom prophecy. We have a choice as we make our way through this transition. We can focus on negativity and see the changes in our world as essentially bad. Or we can see this as a supreme opportunity to do things differently on planet Earth. Not that this will be easy. Whole paradigms are changing, very quickly, and it's going to be uncomfortable. But there are things we can do to manage ourselves in the face of accelerating change that will help us make our way gracefully.

Of course the world isn't going to end in 2012. I don't even believe the date December 21, 2012, is all that significant. The galactic alignment that some scholars say will happen on that day is actually ongoing over a period of decades. It's already happening. 2012 is now.

As my dear Gerardo puts it, you wouldn't expect to wake up on the Autumn Equinox and suddenly the season has changed, in one day, from summer to fall. The transition is gradual. Leaves change color and fall before, and after, September 22. The Sun warms your skin one day, and a brisk wind chills your bones the next. The changes happen over a period of weeks, even months. The same is true of this transition to the next world age. It's happening over a period of time. That time is now.

How does all this relate to our everyday reality? Notice how the economy is shifting, how spiritual consciousness is awakening, how the old, worn-out structures of our past no longer serve the truth of who we're becoming as a species. Maybe it seems like your life is falling apart. Your world is crumbling, over and over. Are you going to wake up on December 22, 2012, and notice everything has changed? Probably not. But if you look at your life and your world that day - or any day in these times - and compare it to how things were five, 10, 20 years ago or more, you're going to notice that things are not at all as they used to be. And that is intended.

We're in the midst of a wondrous transformation of our world, our lives, our consciousness, an awakening and new beginning prophesied since ancient times. Explore the potentials and possibilities of the 2012 transition. Figure it out for yourself. There are lots of web sites, including mine, that deal with this subject in depth. It's so intriguing to me, I wrote a book about it.

I like the suggestion at the end of the movie trailer - "Find out the truth. Search 2012." Go for it!

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Harvest Moon

The Full Moon rises Saturday night in sweet celestial splendor. Below, ripened fields on Earth are bathed in her luminous glow. This is the harvest.

Full Moons are points of culmination, magical moments of manifestation and creation. Especially this one. In Aries/Libra, the Moon/Sun opposition aligns in a portal of initiation, a milestone in our ascension. The alignment will be exact Saturday night (11:10 PM Pacific October 3, 2:10 AM Eastern October 4).

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Harvest Moon is the Full Moon closest to the Fall Equinox. Below the equator, the seeds of spring are ripening in a time of new beginnings.

In initiating, cardinal signs, the waxing Moon signals a completion, the harvest of all we've cultivated in recent weeks and months. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the abundant blessings in our lives. In many places, the streets are filled with the sights, smells and sounds of community harvest festivals.

Spiritually, we are fulfilled. The Moon in Aries illuminates our passions, urging us to pursue our dreams. The Sun in Libra brings balance, beauty and harmony.

Saturn, Mercury and Venus in Virgo celebrate the Earth, our path of service, the alchemy of spirit and matter within this physical dimension. Uranus in Pisces opposes Mercury and Saturn, a dynamic opposition we've seen reflected in recent Earth changes, including powerful earthquakes and tsunamis this past week.

The cosmos asks that we pause to honor this passage as Grandmother Moon waxes to full these autumn nights. Take action to manifest your dreams into reality. Pray for balance and harmony in our world, within the hearts of all, as we make our way through the prophesied changes of the 2012 transition.


Protecting the Moon

At the Full Moon in September, I learned of NASA's mission to bomb the Moon this month. Unbelievable, but true. For details and links, see my September 4, 2009 blog post below.

The story has been reported in Scientific American and other popular media, yet reliable facts and updates about this mission are sketchy. You can research it yourself and draw your own conclusions. At the very least, our prayers and awareness are needed.