Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Full Moon Initiation

Let the games begin.

On this eve of the Full Moon Festival of Humanity, you are invited to join with forces of creation at play in the quantum field.

The Sagittarius/Gemini Full Moon on Thursday is the final of the three great spring lunar festivals in esoteric tradition. Many around the world will be honoring the Buddhist holy day of Wesak.

This is a potent time for prayer and meditation, joining with lightworkers around the world in loving service to humanity.

As the Sun in Gemini comes into exact opposition with the Moon in Sagittarius (7:07 PM Eastern May 27), revolutionary Uranus enters the first degree of Aries. The way the planets are aligning along this initiation point promises to shatter paradigms and expand human consciousness, opening us to a more galactic perspective.

With this Full Moon alignment, the Summer Games of 2010 begin, a breathtaking journey to the heart of creation and back as we become empowered masters designing a better world.

This summer, the stars and planets sound a wake-up call. Through an unprecedented series of planetary alignments, the world as we have known it will be transformed by what we hold in our hearts and our minds. Let it be love.

Grand Cardinal Cross

A powerful configuration will form in the heavens several times in June, July and August that will facilitate the reshaping of our world from the inside out. The ongoing t-square of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto becomes a Grand Cross as the Sun and Moon (at various times) transit a fourth point to complete the configuration. The Moon forms a triple conjunction with Jupiter, the Guru, and Uranus, the Awakener, in early June and early July, again at the intiatory Aries point.

Why is this important?

Because of the intense volatility of these alignments, drastic changes are inevitable. They will be social, economic and environmental. Anticipate another intense round of Earth changes. While the old paradigm crumbles, seeds are planted for a new beginning beyond the chaotic summer months.

The changes will reach deep into our personal experience, offering a gift of spiritual transcendence. Accepting this gift requires attention and action. How we focus our intent throughout this period will affect the course of things to come on planet Earth for a very long time.

The Prelude

Throughout the spring months (autumn in the southern hemisphere), the Full Moon festivals of the Christ, the Buddha and Humanity have been preparing us for this intiatory journey. We're cleansing our hearts and our minds, and purifying our bodies, to make way for an accelerated expansion of consciousness over the next few months.

The energies peak in June, July and August. We preview the astrology in detail each month with StarTalk New Moon teleconferences. For details, or to order the May 13 forecast recording, click here.

Full Moon Ritual

Many around the world, including our 2010 Ascension Activation class, will be joining in meditation and ceremony to focus the amazing potential of this Full Moon for the healing of Mother Earth and the upliftment of humanity.

The spiritual energies received during the full moons in Aries/Libra (Festival of the Christ) and Scorpio/Taurus (Wesak Festival) are disseminated into the Earth plane through the hearts of planetary servers.

The most potent window for ritual, meditation and ceremony is May 26-28 as the Moon crests to full and the spiritual energies are released. Simply allow the energies to flow through your being and radiate to the Earth and humanity. Pause every so often to focus your attention on the kind of world you'd like to create.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth. Namaste.

Ascension Activation

On Wednesday, May 26, we will have a Full Moon group meditation and ritual in our weekly Ascension Activation Teleclass. This will be the beginning of a new four-week segment of these classes that will lead through the Eclipses and Grand Cardinal Crosses of summer.

The circle is open, and you may sign up for classes a la carte, in four-week segments, or for the entire course (you'll receive recordings of previous classes so you won't miss a thing).

If you sign up for the new four-week segment this week, you'll receive $25 off the registration and a bonus audio recording of my May 13 astro forecast teleconference.

Details about the course:

A la carte registration for this week's class:

Registration for four weeks, beginning May 26:

Full course registration:

Spring Lunar Festivals

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sky Jewels

Did you see it?

The crescent Moon and evening star Venus dancing in the western sky these past few nights steals the breath away, heals the heart, sweetens our dreams.

Just past the Taurus New Moon, a silver lunar crescent hangs motionless in the night sky as Venus, goddess of love, appears nearby. Simply exquisite.

Since ancient times, humanity has been entranced by the magical dance of Venus and the Moon. Our sister star holds a prominent place in the cosmology and myth of cultures around the world, especially in ancient Babylonia, Greece, Egypt, Persia, India, the Far East, Australia and Maya Lands.

The union of these heavenly bodies is considered to be highly auspicious for love, relationships and finances.

The Moon-Venus conjunction continues several nights. Gaze skyward in silence. Offer your prayers. And make a wish.

Under this configuration, dreams come true.

Venus-Moon Conjunction May 2010




Venus Synodic Cycle

In shamanic astrology, the crescent moon is the silver boat that transports the Sumerian goddess Inanna, represented by Venus, through seven gates of initiation after her journey through the underworld. This mythological passage represents our own shamanic journey of transformation through death and rebirth.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dark Moon

Within the still silence of the Taurus New Moon, Earth awakens. Across hillsides and valleys, in deserts and forests, the Goddess blooms in twilight silken splendor.

As the Sun and Moon meet Thursday evening, we are reborn into higher love. Venus, evening star, goddess and midwife, presides over the western horizon after sunset. All the planets and stars shine as jewels in the womblike, moonless sky. The New Moon is exact at 9:04 PM Eastern on May 13.

Sensual, earthy and passionate, Taurus is ruled by Venus, goddess of love. At this lunation, relationships and finances come into focus. All New Moons are endings, and new beginnings. What's coming to completion in your life, especially in these areas? What are you creating in this new cycle?

With Mercury now direct and also transiting Taurus, it's time to revisit our values. So many changes are happening so quickly these days. What do you hold most dear in this transition to the next world age? What are you willing to fight for?

Perhaps more than any other sign, Taurus reminds us to care for the Earth, to live sustainably, to live in balance. Are you feeling called to commune in nature, under the stars, at the sea or in a forest? This is a perfect time to visit your favorite places of peace and power. Make your home and land sacred through prayer, ritual and intent. Listen to the voice of Mother Earth. She will guide you.

Mars in Leo ignites our passions. Chiron in Pisces promises spiritual healing. Jupiter, the Guru, approaches conjunction with Uranus, the Awakener, in late Pisces. This dynamic duo opposes Saturn in Virgo. Notice the flow of spiritual energy, insights and inspiration, and the dissolution of structures and patterns that no longer your evolution.

Celebrate your divinity with this New Moon. Honor the Earth. This is a night to dream, and dance the dance of love.

Cosmic Time

The book, Cosmic Time, is my offering to Mother Earth during the 2012 transition. This magical moment in Earth’s history is a turning point, a time of shifting consciousness filled with quantum possibilities for transforming our lives and our world.

In Cosmic Time, we explore indigenous wisdom, prophecy, environmentalism, astrology, esoteric teachings and shamanism to shed light on personal and planetary transformation within a cosmic context.

To celebrate the Taurus New Moon, you may purchase the book at a special reduced rate of $15 each including postage and handling (US & Canada), for up to 6 copies. International postage varies. Please e-mail me to place your order and receive the discount.

2010 Ascension Activation

Tonight's teleclass focuses on indigenous wisdom, sacred sites, Earth changes, prophecy and a possible pole shift. The program will be recorded and available for download whether you're live on the call or not. You may register a la carte, in 4-week segments or for the full 16-week course. You'll receive audio recordings of all classes so you won't miss a thing.

StarTalk New Moon Teleconference

Our new monthly astro forecast teleconference features current and upcoming astrological highlights in an interview/Q&A format moderated by Bob Keeton of Living Successfully Radio.

Highlights this week: Taurus New Moon, Spring Full Moon Festivals, the ongoing Saturn-Pluto-Uranus T-Square and upcoming Grand Crosses of Summer. The program will be recorded and available for download whether you're live on the call or not.

Learn the dates of specific planetary alignments and find out how these energies might express in our lives and our world. We won't just share what the astrology is, we'll explain what it means.

You may register a la carte each month, or save by signing up for all four programs, May through August. Details and registration: http://www.StarPriestess.com/events.html#newmoon

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Beltane Fire

Fires of passion and purification burn bright this Beltane. The natural world awakens.

One of the four cross-quarters of the solar year, Beltane marks the transition from spring to summer in the northern hemisphere. The maypole anchors spring's spirited dance while a crackling Beltane fire promises deep transformation. We celebrate new life in spring with community festivals,the planting of the gardens.

Our neighbors south of the equator notice the Sun's light receding in fall. Attention turns inward in preparation for winter. Darkness encroaches. The veils between worlds become thin through the shamanic gateway of Samhain.

The Beltane cross-quarter is the mid-point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice in the north. The gateway extends from traditional Beltane (May Day or May Faire) on May 1 through the zodiacal alignment on May 5 when the Sun crosses 15 Taurus. The potential for transformation goes quantum as outgoing energies and forms are released to make way for the new.

The ongoing T-square of Uranus, Saturn and Pluto erupts in sudden, deep change as we prepare for the initiatory gateway of the Grand Cardinal Crosses of summer. This potent planetary configuration promises to transform our lives and our world.

Those who are participating in our new 2010 Ascension Activation teleclasses have noticed the quickening of the fire's transformation already this spring. What's changing, rearranging, in your world?

The Sabbats

Cross-quarters are special alignments of the Earth and Sun called Greater Sabbats. In pagan traditions they're considered even more powerful than the Solstices and Equinoxes, which are known as the Lesser Sabbats. All eight Sabbats are points of balance in the solar wheel and remind us of the turning of the seasons. In honoring the Sabbats, we harmonize our lives with the rhythms of nature, the divinity that flows through all of creation.

Traditionally observed on May 1, Beltane is the pagan celebration of spring and the flowering of life. The maypole represents the merging of masculine and feminine, the god and goddess whose union creates life. We dance the maypole and jump the Beltane fire in celebration of the infinite blessings bestowed on our home, our family and community.

We commune with the nature spirits, the devas, elementals and the plant kingdom who help us bring forth a rich harvest through the warmer months of the year. Dance, chant, drumming and ritual are traditional activities that help us attune to the natural world as we gather with friends and family.

New life bursts forth at Beltane. We plant for a future harvest. What's blooming in your life? What is it time to release? What does community mean to you?

More about the Sabbats:

The solar wheel established long ago by pagans in the north is inverted in the southern hemisphere. So in May, our sisters and brothers in southern latitudes are celebrating Samhain and the onset of winter. Here are some articles that offer a taste of Sabbat experiences below the equator.

A Word About Wesak

The solar festival of Beltane falls on the same dates each year, but Wesak Festival is a lunar observance and the date changes from year to year. In esoteric tradition, the Wesak Moon is always the Full Moon during the Sun's transit of Taurus, which was April 28 this year. The Buddhist calendar is calculated differently, though, and the religious holiday will be observed at the Full Moon in May.

In Buddhism, Wesak (Vesak) celebrates the birth, death and enlightenment of the Buddha. In the esoteric teachings rooted in Buddhist and Vedic traditions, Wesak Festival is the second of the three great spring lunar festivals, a focal point for humanity to receive the cosmic energies of enlightenment.

Throughout the Wesak passage, especially this year, it's appropriate to prepare by quieting the mind and opening the heart, perhaps reserving extra time for meditation, contemplation, journaling and healing, alone and with others.

Ah, Mercury

And so it goes. Mixed-up dates, techno glitches and missed appointments are normal during Mercury's retrograde transit. The planet of communication and transportation returns to direct motion May 11. Is anyone else counting the days?

2010 Ascension Activation

A beautiful circle began gathering on the Scorpio Moon this past week for a collective journey through the powerful planetary alignments this spring and summer. The idea for the weekly 2010 Ascension Activation Teleclasses is to align with the potent celestial and Earth energies in coming months and transform our lives and our world through positive, focused intent.

The circle is open, and you may still register if you feel called to join with others around the world who are actively engaged in personal and planetary transformation. As a participant you can access the recordings even if you can't be live on the calls.

Details and registration:

Monthly Astro Updates

Beginning with the Taurus New Moon on May 13, I'll be offering a preview of upcoming astrological highlights as we make our way through the volatile spring and summer months of 2010. We'll preview the New and Full Moons, Eclipses, June Solstice, Cross-Quarter Gateways and the potent Grand Cardinal Crosses of summer. We won't just share what the upcoming astrology is, we'll explain what it might mean in your life and your world.

These calls feature an interview-style forecast plus Q&A with call participants, moderated by Bob Keeton of Living Successfully radio (http://www.LivingSuccesfully.com). You can access the recordings even if you can't be live on the calls.

Details and registration: