Monday, November 23, 2009

The Harvest

When we live in a natural way, life begins to slow down at this time of year. We pause and give thanks as the seasons change and nights grow longer.

What is the essence of all our experiences, this turn of the wheel, as we prepare for winter and the Solstice point in December? This is the harvest.

For me, the journey of 2009 brought the birth of a new book, adventure, romance and a much-needed vacation at the beach. I got to connect with many new faces and places, familiar favorites and longtime friends. I'll celebrate Thanksgiving this week with my family in the Midwest, and count these blessings.

The laughter of children and sun on my face, rain on the roof and sand on my feet, a nurturing home, loving companionship, deepening wisdom, radiant health, an abundant garden and silent, starry nights.

What a privilege it is to live on this precious planet. As I light the candles this Thanksgiving, my heart is filled with love and gratitude for the rich abundance of life. I savor the moments and cherish each encounter.

Thank you for being part of my experience. Blessings to you and yours.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Opening to Love

Where will we go from here?

Changes prophesied since ancient times are playing out on Earth now, through the 2012 transition. How different does your life look today than it did a year ago, two years ago, 10 years ago? This portal of transformation is related to observable astronomical alignments. These alignments allow for cosmic energies to reach us from beyond time and space, bathing the Earth in spiritual light to prepare us for our next evolution.

As humans, most of us find it difficult to embrace change. We've been taught to think that the world around is all there is. We identify strongly with the physical dimension. If we elevate our consciousness, we can perceive that the material world is an illusion, impermanent, constantly in flux.

That's exactly what we're beginning to experience as truth. On a daily basis we witness changes in government, changes in education, changes in business, industry, finances, medicine and the arts. Climate change. Earth changes. And the rate of change is accelerating.

The effects of ramped-up cosmic forces in our lives are foretold in the prophecies of many spiritual traditions. The sacred calendar of the Maya of Central America gives the timing for all this to unfold. That time is now.

Things aren't the way they used to be, and they never will be again. As uncomfortable as it may be for many of us, this much change, happening so quickly, is perfectly natural. Destruction of the world as we've known it is centered in love, the creational force of the universe. A divine intelligence guides this process. We can trust in that.

The year 2012 gets a lot of attention when people talk about the end times and the Mayan calendar. Whether the calendar ends in 2011 (as researcher Carl Johan Calleman claims) or 2012 (as many others believe), now is the time to be paying attention, to get in tune with these destructive/creative forces. In my book, Cosmic Time, we highlight many ways to align with the energies.

As the reconfiguration of our world continues, 2010 will be a defining time in the history of humanity. Energetically, 2010 begins with the New Moon in Sagittarius next month. The energies reach a peak next summer, near the June Solstice.
In 2010, humanity arrives at a crossroads. Will we continue to follow the path of materialism? Or will we choose the path of the heart? Each of us will decide. Individually and in groups, we will initiate a sequence for the times to come, not only through our intent, but with our actions.

Words and actions must now be aligned. It isn't enough anymore to talk about love. We need to be love, to be loving. Every moment of every day. A breathtaking series of planetary/galactic alignments will facilitate our opening to love. This is a chance of a lifetime, many lifetimes, and the effects will radiate throughout the cosmos.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Beyond the Veil

As this Samhain passage comes to a close, I'm blown away again by the ways of Spirit.

All day on Halloween, I had this persistent urge to go to the new Michael Jackson film. I wasn't in the mood for costume parties this year. I wanted to see that movie. My clever little mind kept thinking how appropriate it would be to find out what he had to say from the grave, so to speak, on Halloween.

I hadn't been into Michael Jackson in years but was, of course, affected by the death of this icon, this legend. He died the night before my 47th birthday.

I asked a friend if she wanted to go to the movies and she immediately suggested Michael Jackson's This Is It. So it would be.

I'm still integrating all that happened as a result of that journey. In this film, composed of footage from rehearsals for the never-to-be "This Is It" comeback tour, Michael indeed speaks from beyond the grave. It's haunting, and enlightening, and entertaining. There were things that spoke to me personally, and professionally. It was like visiting with my brother. I left the theater inspired.

Michael Jackson left a profound legacy. Whether you liked his style and his music, or not. No matter what you thought of his personal life. Michael Jackson taught a generation to dance. The messages in this film transcend his death to remind us to care for the Earth, to love fully, to make a difference in the world.

After all, this is a man who co-created "We Are the World," assembling some of the greatest talent on Earth, to transmit a message of oneness back in the '80s.

Michael quite clearly references 2012 in the film. In speaking of the need to change our ways and heal the Earth, he says we've got four years to do it. He's right. It's time. This is it.