Monday, April 26, 2010

Wesak Blessings

Softly, as the Moon rises
Spirit gives us our answers
In whispers, on wings

Within the Full Moon alignment Tuesday night, we are initiated into the heart of the lotus. The light of Wesak expands to clear our minds as divine love fills our hearts. The Earth, the Sun and Moon, the creatures of this dimension and beyond dance in celebration.

The Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon is the second of the three great spring lunar festivals. Around the world, this holy day honors the birth, death and enlightenment of the Buddha. In esoteric traditions, we are purified in the light of the Wesak Moon as the consciousness of pure love streams to Earth for all who are open to receive.

The Full Moon is exact at 8:18 AM Eastern on Wednesday, April 28. Meditation, prayer and healing are especially transformative throughout this passage and beyond. We begin our weekly series of teleclasses April 28 as the celestial energies rain blessings on the Earth and all beings.

With Mercury (retrograde) conjunct the Sun in Taurus, we have the opportunity to reconnect with Mother Earth, her sacred sites, the waters and mountains and deserts that nourish the soul. I just returned from weekend retreat at Chaco Canyon in northerwest New Mexico. It was a blessed moment to unplug the laptop and plug into Source. Where are your special places of peace and power?


PBS recently aired a documentary chronicling the path the Buddha walked. Through art, narrative and interviews, we learn the story of the Buddha’s life, a journey especially relevant to our own times of accelerating change and spiritual seeking. Whether it's your first time watching or a rerun, a screening of "The Buddha" during the Wesak Moon would be a loving reminder that spiritual attainment is possible if we make it a priority.

For most of us, enlightenment unfolds in cycles, time after time. With each passage of Wesak, we may notice how we've grown spiritually in the past year, or longer. We may recommit to our spiritual practice. We may find ourselves drawn to the sacred in all things, all places, all people... as an enlightened master.

Pause for this moment, in peace. Namaste.

PBS - The Buddha

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Songs for the Earth

I'll always remember the moment I realized I was in love. I was alone in the desert of northern Arizona, crossing a weathered bridge over an arroyo. The land opened invitingly, ridges of rose-red soil giving way to the ancient path below. In that moment, my awareness sunk into my heart and I knew. I am deeply, passionately in love with the Earth.

I've fallen in love many times in the desert. In the forest, too, and in the mountains. Especially at the ocean, or in a fragrant garden. The beauty of this planet and her blessings fill my senses.

How appropriate that we celebrate Earth Day on April 22, when the Sun enters earthy, sensual Taurus. In the northern hemisphere, it's the time of year when we begin to shed our winter layers and allow the spring sun to caress our skin. The plant kingdom awakens, alternately drinking in sunlight and gentle rain. As the animals give birth, we sow our gardens.

For our brothers and sisters in the southern hemisphere, it's the time of fall harvest. The natural cycles lead into the nighttime awareness of the soul.

The world is full of potential in this season of rebirth. Heaven smiles on our party for the Earth. The Lyrids meteor shower peaks in the early morning hours on Thursday.

Fierce Light

This Earth Lovefest is nothing new. Since ancient times, humanity has attuned to natural cycles, celebrating the seasons with festivals and thanksgiving. More recently, many of us have strayed from our roots in a world that's become increasingly mechanized, electronic and virtual. We sometimes forget to foster our sacred relationship with the Earth, and each other. Earth Day helps us remember our connection with the natural world, to live mindfully, in harmony with the generous mother being who supports us so abundantly.

In this twilight time between world ages, many are returning to her. In his film "Fierce Light," Velcrow Ripper has captured the words, stories, images and feelings of humanity's love affair with the Earth, and the efforts of many around the world to preserve and protect our cherished home.

If you haven't seen this film, treat yourself for Earth Day. Journey to the mountains of Mexico, the villages of New Zealand and South Africa, to Thailand and Vietnam and a very special place in south central Los Angeles where a group of activists hold vigil to preserve their community garden. This inspiring film will expand your horizons about what it means to be a citizen of planet Earth.

Fierce Light is about owning the responsibility of being human, to live in harmony with the Earth and each other. I strive to live up to this responsibility more fully each day. It's expressed in years of writing, publishing and teaching, my newsletters and blogs, the book Cosmic Time, in my astro-shamanism practice, and in classes, workshops and sacred sites retreats.

The journey continues. This spring and summer, I'm offering a series of teleclasses to create awareness, support and dialogue as we make our way through one of the most volatile periods in human history. Because of the special planetary configurations this summer, we have a supreme opportunity to transform our lives and our world very quickly, to take a quantum evolutionary leap. We'll ride the wave together with the 2010 Ascension Activation series beginning on Wednesday, April 28, on the Wesak Full Moon.

The subtitle of the film Fierce Light is "When Spirit Meets Action." These words carry special meaning this year because of the ongoing, highly charged T-square formed by Uranus, Saturn and Pluto, and the upcoming grand crosses of summer. These planetary configurations in cardinal signs compel us to take action based on our unique mission and purpose at this important time in history, action rooted in spirit. It happens at the level of the individual, and in community. We need courage, faith, guidance and each other as we make our way through the changes ahead.

Earth Day Celebration

In honor of Earth Day, I'm offering two-for-one registration on April 22 for anyone who signs up for the full 16-week Ascension Activation course. All calls will be recorded, and there's an online discussion group, so you don't need to be live on all the calls to participate. The course description is posted at

Earth Day is a call to action for each of us in this cusp period between world ages. Find a new or long-time favorite spot to commune in nature. Take a moment to pause and reflect on the bigger picture. What's your vision? Where is your life headed? What changes would you like to make? Action begins in stillness.

"Another world is here, right now, inside all of us. Listen." - Velcrow Ripper, Fierce Light

Earth Day

Lyrids Meteor Shower

Fierce Light

2010 Ascension Activation Telecourse

Earth Changes and Ascension

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Coming Times

As the Moon crested to full at the end of March, I was filled with an unexpected awareness. This year, the Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius Full Moons are preparing us for the changes coming this summer.

For years, I've been observing the spring lunar festivals of esoteric traditions, the Full Moon alignments during the Sun's transits of Aries, Taurus and Gemini. These are the festivals of the Christ (Easter), Buddha (Wesak) and the Festival of Goodwill, also known as the Festival of Humanity.

Each is a transmission of Divine Light streaming from the celestial realms to reach the hearts of all who are open to receive the blessings.

This year is a bit different. The transmissions are more intense. There's more at stake, and a sense of urgency.

Mid-Year 2010

Many of us are aware that we live in a transition period between world ages. In our lifetime, vast cycles of time are ending and new cycles are beginning. We live in the between times. The Mayan Calendar and 2012 alert us to this transition.

In June, July and August this year, celestial and Earth energies reach a peak as a complex series of volatile planetary configurations reshape our world. The potential for change is off the charts. Opening to the infinite possibilities inherent in this summer extravagenza requires the release of many layers of accumulated resistance, karma and outdated beliefs. Full Moons illuminate what's been held in the subconscious. That's where these patterns reside.

And so the already-potent Full Moon spring festivals are even more profound this year. They're helping us get ready for the summer alignments.

Here's what I've discovered based on comments from clients and friends and my own communion with the energies around the Libra Moon. Many are experiencing tremendous emotional upheaval. Sudden illness and accidents are common. Our relationships are being tested, and many are dissolving. Pretty much everyone I talk with is waking up in the wee hours of the morning, often around 3 a.m., and feeling a lot of fatigue during the day. Sleep, when it comes, is heavy. Many are receiving clear intuitive messages in dreams, meditation and waking hours.

The astrology community has been buzzing about the summer alignments for months. Highlights include the conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter in the first degree of Aries, which becomes part of the Grand Cardinal Cross configuration of June. The Grand Cross morphs into a Lunar Eclipse a few days after the June Solstice, followed by a Solar Eclipse in July and tense squares, oppositions and Grand Cardinal Cross configurations through early August.

I've been writing about the summer astrology extensively since late last year. From my Cosmic Time newsletter in December:

A celestial storm is brewing. In 2010, we'll experience the most intense planetary influences to date in this transition through 2012 and beyond.

If you think 2009 was wild, just wait. 2010 will be the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime. The intensity peaks in the summer months, and how things go from there depends on how we respond to the volatile energies.

Structures, forms and institutions are breaking down, reorganizing at a higher level. During the reconfiguration, we become aware of the infinite possibilities of the quantum creational field. We realize we can choose our next reality. And we have the insight, tools and technology to do it...

Click here to read the full article.

Now the alignments are upon us. We've already experienced massive changes in early 2010, as the energies ramp up. Intuitives, astrologers and prophecy keepers agree. This is the most volatile year of the 2012 transition, and the energies reach peak intensity in the summer months (winter below the equator). There are scientific, metaphysical and spiritual reasons for the changes, and the forecasts offered by these disciplines line up in some very intriguing ways.

Ramping Up

At the Full Moon in February, a massive 8.8 magnitude eathquake rocked Chile only six weeks after a 7.0 earthquake caused widespread devastation in Haiti. Less than 24 hours before the Chile earthquake, a magnitude 7.0 quake struck Okinawa in southern Japan.

We're only halfway through April and we've already witnessed a magnitude 6.9 earthquake in the Baja peninsula of Mexico (April 4), 7.8 earthquake in Sumatra (April 6) and 6.9 quake earlier this week in southwest China (April 13).

On April 14, a volcano under a glacier in Iceland erupted for the second time in less than a month, melting ice, spewing smoke and steam, closing roads and forcing hundreds of people to flee rising floodwaters. Today, air traffic came to a halt in Europe on a scale unseen since the 2001 attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C. All flights were canceled over Britain, Ireland and the Nordic countries.

It doesn't seem coincidental that a fireball lit up the night sky over five Midwest states in the U.S. while this was happening (April 14). Video footage of these events speaks volumes.

I wrote in the book, Cosmic Time, more than two years ago:

Earth Mother is rumbling. The vast changes we see in our world – natural cataclysm, devastation through wind, fire, water and air, “climate change” – all are expressions of a natural evolutionary process that flows in cycles, time after time. This cosmic wisdom is encoded in our cellular memory, recorded in sacred texts and transmitted through the prophecies and teachings of indigenous peoples around the world. This is a time of purification, Earth changes, living prophecy. Geological records show that the Earth has experienced many periods of extreme and sudden change. This is one of those times. Never before, though, have so many beings lived on the planet during the transfiguration. The Earth’s systems are realigning quickly. The changes are accelerating and intensifying.

Earth is stirring. Tectonic plates are shifting. Major realignments are due, and some will be sudden. As the planets align with galactic forces this year, the changes are growing in frequency and severity.

We're not used to this kind of intensity. This spring, the loving divinity of this creation is pushing us through a transformational process so we'll be ready.

New Teleclasses

This Saturday, Mercury begins a three-week retrograde period. While the March Equinox last month and Aries New Moon this week propel us forward in certain areas of our lives, deep healing, clearing and realignment is still needed within us as we prepare for the eclipses and Grand Cardinal Crosses of summer. During Mercury's retrograde transit, things slow down a bit so we can recalibrate.

As this profound awareness sunk in over the past two weeks, I've been guided to put together a series of weekly and monthly teleclasses to provide support, build community and help us focus these powerful energies in positive ways.

I'm walking a fine line here. While acknowledging that chaos and confusion grips much of the world these days, I have no interest in pandering to anyone's fear. We live in a Universe that's constantly changing, and right now we're experiencing a period when the changes on this planet are accelerating. This is a natural process. Science and and spiritual teachings confirm this.

We're entering a time of unprecedented opportunity for the volatile cosmic and planetary energies to be focused in ways that serve the evolutionary process of the Earth and humanity. We're poised for a quantum leap. What will we do at this critical juncture? Will we choose to transform consciously, to create a better world for our children and their children, and assist the Earth in her process of rebirth?

The next lunar festival is the Wesak Full Moon on April 28. A celebration of the birth, death and enlightenment of the Buddha, Wesak is observed in many countries and is the centerpiece of the spring lunar festivals in esoteric traditions. In the shamanic polarity of Scorpio/Taurus, this is arguably the most potent Full Moon each year. A death and rebirth is at hand, and will undoubtedly send us into another round of accelerated transformation.

What better time to begin this new series of weekly teleclasses, called "2010 Ascension Activation"? We'll journey together through the maze of planetary alignments coming up this spring and summer. Details are posted on my web site:

I'll also offer astro forecasts once a month as we make our way through the volatile summer months. Scheduled in conjunction with the New Moon alignments beginning in May, these updates will preview the astrological highlights for the coming month. Details:

Both will be held live via teleconference, and each class will be recorded. So you don't need to be on the calls to participate and receive the information.

The series is designed to foster understanding, support and pro-active awareness at this volatile time in Earth's history. This is a shamanic journey, a quest for truth. We’re going to bridge Earth and Sky, connect with the heart of creation, and initiate a new sequence for the times to come. Check it out, and if the series speaks to you, please consider joining in this evolutionary journey of a lifetime. Tell your friends, too. I look forward to connecting with you during this most auspicious time on planet Earth.


Iceland Volcano

Midwest U.S. Fireball

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