Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fire in the Sky

The winds of change have swept away eons of debris through the July-August triple-eclipse portal. What's next?

From the creative womb of Cancer, the Lunar Eclipse and Total Solar Eclipse in July infused us with a fresh new stream of Aquarian energy at last week's Lunar Eclipse. Galactic Great Mother is birthing a new consciousness, new ways of being on Earth. We are delivered into the arms of divine, universal love... agape.

Under the guidance of the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron, we're healing the wounds of division, remembering unity, expanding in love. We're supported, nurtured, free to make different choices, creating a new paradigm on Earth.

The 2012 transition is rocky, yet exhilarating, as humanity awakens to spiritual ideals and evolution accelerates. In my book, Cosmic Time, we focus on the potentials and possibilities created through this galactic portal.

Right now, a celebration is happening overhead with the annual Perseids Meteor Showers, a torrent of falling stars expected to peak very early Wednesday morning, August 12. Watch the skies tonight for the best show.

By-products of Comet Swift-Tuttle, the Perseids meteor display is a favorite astronomical summertime event. Meteors streaking through the sky seem to me like a cosmic party. I get all bubbly and giddy at the sight of the shooting stars. This year the Perseids are glistening reminders of how far we've come, individually and as a species. We're poised to take a quantum leap in consciousness, and the Universe is celebrating with us.

Savor the moment. The astro alignments this year and next are a pressure cooker designed to bring about needed changes as consciousness is shifted on planet Earth. It's a spiritual thing, actualized as this physical dimension is shaken to the core.

As with any birth, many physical changes are happening on the planet. Last week several earthquakes centered in the Gulf of Calfornia shook southern Calfornia and parts of Mexico. Yesterday, major earthquakes struck in Japan and Myanmar with tsunami warnings issued. Meanwhile, typhoon-related landslides caused sweeping damage in Taiwan and China.

What's happening in the heavens is a mixed bag, manifesting as extreme volatility on Earth. Uranus and Saturn are at opposition and both square to Pluto, creating a tense T-square that will continue through next year. In 2010, this T-square will become a Grand Cross in cardinal signs as planets move in and out of a fourth position. We'll experience peak intensity with this alignment around the time of the June Solstice next year. Another eclipse series comes along in June and July, triggering the Grand Cross. In initiating, cardinal signs, these alignments signal rapid, sudden changes that will reshape reality as we know it. This transformation has been prophesied since ancient times and is connected to 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar.

How we experience the transition has everything to do with our consciousness. If we learn to flow with the energies, we'll have the ride of our lives. If we resist and cling to the past, we'll have a different experience.

Within the 2012 transition, 2009 is a pivotal year for cleaning house on all levels - spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. It’s time to wake up and get real. Understand your values. Pare down to what's essential. Deepen your spiritual practice. Live your purpose. Create with intent. And flow with constant change.

My work with individuals in my Astro-Shamanism practice helps you align with the celestial energies according to your incarnational blueprint, understanding the intent of the soul and natural timing within your evolutionary journey. This work is described on my web site, www.StarPriestess.com. Please be in touch if you'd like to schedule a personal session for yourself or someone you love. You might also like to read more about the Galactic Big Picture as well as tips and tools for navigating the Shift in my book, Cosmic Time.

These are the most exciting times imaginable on planet Earth. May the fire in the sky tonight shower you with blessings of insight, peace and divine light. Namaste.

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Astrological highlights of the 2012 transition are featured in my book, Cosmic Time. You can read excerpts or order through my web site, www.StarPriestess.com

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Aquarian Light

OK, that rocked. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse last night capped off a triple eclipse series this summer. We're wiser, and wilder, with this experience.

A small group got together in Sedona to usher in the Aquarian vibes. There were many celebrations last night, and people sitting quietly, moonbathing.

However you chose to be with this alignment, may it shower you with insight and blessings. What an amazing journey we're on together through the 2012 Gateway into the next world age.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Om Guru

You don't need to be astrologically savvy to know that something extraordinary is happening this summer.

It's wild in the heavens and on Earth.

A series of three eclipses comes to completion this week with an electrifying Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on Wednesday night, during the Sabbat of Lammas.

Jupiter got blasted by a comet just days before the New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 21/22. A gaping wound is visible near the gas giant's south pole.

Right now Jupiter is aligned with Neptune and Chiron in a historic triple conjunction designed to guide us through these volatile times. Meanwhile, Uranus, Saturn and Pluto are dancing in a T-square formation that signals sudden, deep and lasting transformation in our personal lives and outer world.

It's definitely all related.

Intrigued by the photographs of post-impact Jupiter since they first started surfacing on the Internet, I've been sitting with the meaning of the obvious synchronicity in the timing.

Aside from Jupiter's astrological correspondences with wealth, fame and fortune, the gas giant has a very spiritual meaning in astrology. He is the teacher, the guru, one who transmits the knowledge and wisdom of a higher power. On our planet, the term "guru" has come to describe a spiritual teacher.

The July 21/22 Solar Eclipse was visible in many parts of Asia, and the path of totality cut directly through India, the Motherland of spiritual teachings on Earth. Hinduism, the heart of Buddhism, is an empowering source of wisdom for our times. The Vedas predict the timing of vast cosmic cycles and prescribe spiritual practices to help us align with the flow of destructive/creative energies expressed in the dance of Shiva and Shakti.

It is from India that the practice developed of worshipping teachers known as gurus. Today, this tradition is transforming for many of us into a spiritual, devotional practice honoring the god/goddess in all things.

In astrology, Neptune represents our spirituality. Chiron is the wounded healer. How profound that Jupiter sustained this wound as the Sun, Earth and Moon aligned to create the longest Total Solar Eclipse this century. The guru has been scarred. His atmosphere, or aura, is already transforming as a result.

Is it possible that it's time to release our attachment to authority outside ourselves and honor the Inner Guru? Is it time to recognize ourselves, and each other, as divine creator beings? Perhaps the god/goddess resides within, and we are free to allow divinity to shine through us, to dance in delight with the universal flow of creation.


Comet impact on Jupiter

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse August 5/6

My recent blog posts and ezine give an overview of the summer eclipse season and ideas for navigating eclipse energies. These practices and the larger astrological context are highlighted in my book, Cosmic Time. Through my Astro-Shamanism practice, I offer individual empowerment sessions to assist you in navigating these volatile times.

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