Monday, June 21, 2010

Solstice Sunrise

The Solstice Sun rises this morning on a vastly different world than we knew last year at this time. Think of the unprecedented chain of events that have happened in the past year - economic and political upheaval, volcanoes, earthquakes, extreme weather and, of course, the devastating oil surge in the Gulf of Mexico. Changes are happening faster today than at any other time in human history, and the acceleration will continue.

In this season of celebration, our lives are filled with blessings and challenges, joy and sorrow, passion and pathos as we find ourselves hurtling headfirst into the next world age.

Transformational energies reach a peak through mid-August as planets in our solar system align with specific points in space in ways that spell ramped-up uncertainty and disorder.

The Eclipses

A few days after the Solstice, a stormy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn/Cancer unleashes tides of emotion. At this Sun-Moon opposition, the Moon aligns with explosive Pluto while chatty Mercury aligns with the Sun. Eclipses involve the play of shadow and light, and this one promises to unveil some surprises from the individual and collective unconscious.

Two weeks later, a total Solar Eclipse on the Cancer New Moon opens our hearts to divine love as we begin a new lunar cycle. With the eclipses of 2010 falling in Cancer/Capricorn, we have an ongoing opportunity to embody the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine as we learn to weave the energies of earth and sky, matter and form, in a tantric dance of creation.

Eclipses are super-charged new and full moons that break up longstanding energy patterns. A power-packed t-square formed by Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn guarantees the changes will be inescapable.

Because eclipses happen in 19-year cycles, we're completing things now that we were dealing with back in 1991. We're likely to be enmeshed in issues around relationship, finances, families, commitment, career, businesses and real estate - the structures and forms of our lives.

Understanding what to hold onto and what to release in times like these involves a continuous process of discernment. Above all, love is the deciding factor.

On this day of greatest light in the northern hemisphere (deepest night south of the equator), take a moment to consider the infinite potential of the times we live in. Notice how grace accompanies chaos. Celebrate every joy and success. Cherish time spent with family, friends and community. Embrace and release every experience, allowing each to be replaced by the next. Take refuge in the natural world and the promise of a new day beyond this tumultuous transition.

The Solstice - June 21, 2010

Solstice arrives on June 21 as the Sun enters Cancer, sign of the Divine Mother. It's summer and the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, winter and deepest night below the equator.

Sacred sites at Stonehenge in England, Chaco Canyon in North America, Machu Picchu in Peru and many others align with the Solstice Sun. The ancients knew. Solstice is stillpoint, a special moment when creational energies are especially potent. Earth and Sun align in a standstill that lasts several days.

Solstice is an ideal time for reflection, contemplation, prayer and meditation, ritual for the healing of Mother Earth and prayer for the enlightenment of all beings.

One of the cardinal points of the solar wheel, this special Sun-Earth alignment enhances our powers of manifestation. What we hold in our minds will be multiplied through this gateway. Prayer, ritual, feasts and celebration magnify healing vibrations around the planet.

This year, the Solstice alignment leads into a paradigm-shattering eclipse period that begins with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Friday night, June 25/26, and culminates in a Solar Eclipse at the New Moon in Cancer on July 11. This is one of the most intense periods in the highly charged months of June, July and August 2010.

Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse - June 25/26, 2010

The Full Moon rises Friday night, June 25, with the eclipse happening overnight Friday to Saturday for most of our readers. This partial lunar eclipse will be visible throughout most of eastern Asia, Australia, the Pacific Ocean, and the western Americas.

New Moon Total Solar Eclipse - July 11, 2010

The path of totality of the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse will only be visible in the southern Pacific Ocean, Easter Island and parts of southern Chile and Argentina. A partial eclipse will be visible in many parts of southern South America.

Eclipse links with more details, timing and visuals follow this article.

What to Expect
Wherever we are on the planet, we'll feel the energetic shifts connected with these powerful alignments.

Throughout this period, we're likely to be feel extra sensitive, emotional and intuitive. Watch for flashes of inspiration and insight. Transformational energies are running sky-high, and there's an electrifying sense that something's about to happen.

Prayers and intent are amplified throughout this gateway, from the Solstice all the way through the July 11 Solar Eclipse and beyond. Eat root vegetables and dark, leafy greens. Practice nurturing self-care. Body and energy therapies are enhanced by homeopathy, esstential oils and flower essences. Notice messages in dreams and meditation. Journal thoughts, impressions and intuitive downloads. Stay positive, stay focused and stay grounded.

During the alignment portals, be still. Listen to the voice of the soul. Allow yourself to be guided lovingly on your journey as you attune to the Divine Essence that flows through all of Creation.

Eclipse Links

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StarTalk Astro Forecast

We highlighted the specifics of the astrology for the coming month in the StarTalk Astro Preview Teleconference held live on June 10. The forecast includes details of the Solstice alignment, the June/July eclipses, the potent outer-planet t-square and upcoming Grand Cardinal Crosses.

To order the mp3, please go to: You'll receive the recording and a copy of my 18-page 2010-2012 Astro Preview as a study guide.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Begin in Peace

As the Sun and Moon met this morning to form the New Moon, an awareness crept in softly. A rhythmic pulsing, faint but persistent, like drums beating in the distance.

Something's about to happen. Something big.

Today's New Moon in Gemini begins the 28-day lunar cycle that culminates in the eclipses of summer. The climax of this period is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on June 25/26, just a few days after the Solstice. The lunar energies dissipate as the cycle completes with a New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 11.

Today the cycle begins quietly, in hushed tones. Changes to come are felt only in that distant pulse, as planets in our solar system align with the heart of creation.

Eclipses are portents of change. They break up energy patterns. This summer's eclipses are fueled by galactic forces as local planets align with specific points in space that connect the Earth with the raw creation energies of the cosmos.

The process will continue throughout the summer as Grand Cardinal Crosses form in the heavens. Our world is about to be radically transformed.

Today is a seeding. The thoughts and intentions we hold now will carry us through this important cycle. Begin in peace.

Astro Forecast On June 10, we previewed the astrology for the next 28 days in the StarTalk New Moon Teleconference. The audio recording is now available here:

More about the summer alignments in the current issue of Cosmic Time:

Saturday, June 5, 2010

As Above, So Below

The game is changing on planet Earth. Right now.

No matter what you thought you knew or who you thought you were, your reality is about to be radically transformed.

This summer (fall in the southern hemisphere), a series of planetary configurations signals sudden, profound changes designed to break down outdated thoughts, beliefs and systems so a new paradigm may emerge.

Why? Planets in our solar system are aligning with specific points in space transmitting intense cosmic frequencies. We have a supreme opportunity to initiate a new sequence for a long time to come as we pass through these energetic portals.

The configurations are tense, powerful, revolutionary, and affect all areas of our lives and our world. All planets in our solar system will be involved at one time or another, although the central configuration involves Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.

As the alignments form, dissolve and reform over the next three months, the energies will grow more volatile and intense. In part, the power of these celestial configurations relates to the Turning of the Ages with vast cosmic cycles ending and beginning now, in our lifetime.

This has never happened before with so many beings living on the planet. The changes will be personal and planetary as Earth aligns with universal forces of creation. We're connecting with a larger reality, a new matrix encompassing and embracing All That Is.

Galactic Crossroads

What's likely to happen this summer? Breakthrough. Earth and humanity are poised for an evolutionary quantum leap. This potential is encoded in the Mayan calendar, a sacred timekeeping system that explains the acceleration of consciousness transformation in these times leading up to and beyond 2012.

We've come to a galactic crossroads. Will we attempt to hold on to outdated forms, systems and beliefs? Or will we accept this cosmic invitation to play in the quantum field, spiral up in consciousness, dance with the divine and surf the cosmic waves of love flowing to our planet?

Whether we try to hold on or not, structures, forms and institutions are breaking down, reorganizing at a higher level. During the reconfiguration, we become aware of the infinite possibilities of the quantum field. We realize we can choose our next reality. And we have the insight, tools and technology to do it.

This is a quantum opportunity to dream up solutions to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, discover new ways to feed, clothe and house the world's fast-growing population, and develop sustainable technologies to meet humanity's ever-increasing energy demands. These energies will catalyze rapid advances in all fields, including science, the arts, medicine, healing, education and commerce. In short, we can rebuild our world in ways that work for everyone.

Signs and Signals

Two days ago, the planet Jupiter was hit by an asteroid, which is not all that uncommon. The gas giant is something like 11 times bigger than Earth. Last summer an astroid crashed into Jupiter's atmosphere, leaving a gaping hole the size of the Pacific Ocean. Amateur astronomers captured this week's impact on film, even as NASA scientists released an update about last year's asteroid hit. New Hubble telecope images chronicle the "healing" of this giant wound.

Last month, scientists announced the disappearance of the southern band of dense clouds in Jupiter's atmosphere that looked like a brownish stripe on the planet's surface. Photos of the apparent facelift show a dramatic transformation.

Is it a coincidence that there's all this interest in Jupiter now, just as he's about to enter Aries, the first sign of the zodiac?

In astrology, Jupiter is the teacher, the guru, the guide. Always considered to have positive influence, his presence signals expansion and new teachings.

Overnight tonight, Jupiter joins his brother, guide and friend Uranus at 0 Aries, the initiation point of the zodiac. When these two team up, watch for sudden insights and breakthroughs. Solutions to longstanding problems appear in flashes of genius. Wherever this conjunction falls in your chart, magic is afoot!

Opposing the happy couple is Saturn, who recently returned to apparent forward motion in the heavens. The planet of karma, structure and form is transiting the late degrees of Virgo, and when he reaches 0 Libra in July, the fireworks really begin. Explosive Pluto squares the Uranus-Jupiter/Saturn opposition, forming a Cardinal T-Square that will become the much-anticipated Grand Cardinal Cross of 2010. Under this configuration, changes will be swift and dramatic, with long-lasting effects.

Shifting Realities

Shifting frequencies mean shifting realities. In techno terms, Earth and humanity are getting an operating system upgrade.

Expect the unexpected. Throughout the next three months, we'll experience major upheaval, chaos, movement, pressure and purification. The energy is revolutionary and frenetic, and comes in sudden bursts, seemingly out of the blue.

It could very well feel like your world is turning inside out as old structures collapse and new realities take shape. Different is the new normal.

As I interact with friends, family, colleagues, students and clients around the world, I notice some obvious trends. Many are experiencing emotional upheaval, anxiety, accidents, sudden illness, and extreme changes in sleep and eating patterns. Many relationships are ending. New ones are beginning. Many are being called to travel and/or relocate. Bursts of enthusiasm and bliss alternate with feelings of lethargy or exhaustion. There's excitement and anticipation. Also apprehension.

Time seems to be speeding up and the veils are thinning as our concepts of space and time shift. It's common not to remember whether you dreamed something or it really happened (does it matter?). Uncanny clairvoyant and clairsentient experiences are common, even among people who have never expressed these gifts before.

As the physical touchstones of our lives implode, our sense of self is radically altered. Who are we in this new reality?

Each will perceive the shift and potential outcomes through an individual lens of consciousness. As we attune to the higher frequencies, choices flood our field of awareness. It's wise to remain centered in love as we align with the highest potentials in each moment.

What is Jupiter teaching us?

As above, so below.

It's time to embody our essence as divine masters, learn to embrace change, heal wounds from the past and move powerfully into a new day.

The Forecast

Through the next three months, we have a special opportunity to welcome deep, lasting transformation and focus these intensely creative/destructive energies toward shaping a better world, a world we want our children and their children to inherit.

This Thursday I'll give the details in our monthly StarTalk Astro Forecast teleconference. We'll preview the astrology for the coming month and what it means, with special attention to specific hotspots when the energies will be most intense and transformative.

The teleconference is designed for anyone who's interested in astrology as a tool for personal and planetary transformation. No knowledge of astrology is needed. We'll focus on what the astrology means more than what it is, and how it relates to the changes we see every day in our lives and our world. Participants will receive a copy of my 18-page 2010-2012 Astro Preview as a study guide.

This month, we'll focus on:

* Uranus-Jupiter Conjunction
* Ongoing Galactic T-Square
* Summer Solstice
* Lunar and Solar Eclipses of June and July

You may register for the monthly teleconferences a la carte, or sign up for all four and you'll receive the audio recording of the May 13 forecast so you can follow along from the Taurus New Moon through the Grand Cardinal Cross alignments in August.

These teleconferences are recorded, so you don't need to be live on the calls to participate. Details are posted on my web site here:

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