Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Astro Musings

Welcome to the Summer of Love.

The heavens are conspiring to open the hearts of humanity, healing the wounds of many lifetimes. A massive clearing is under way as we cross the galactic threshold into the next world age.

From the Summer Solstice and New Moon in Cancer last week through the triple-eclipse window in July and early August, this is the most astrologically potent summer I can remember. It's a precursor to what we'll experience next summer when the energies peak again with explosive grand square alignments.

Incoming cosmic frequencies are stepped up through this gateway. The dates and timings are detailed in the current issue of my newsletter:

Venus and Mars are dancing together in the morning sky. The historic triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron continues. Our Sun is aligned with the Great Star Sirius. And the next two full moons will be partially eclipsed by the Sun, bookends to the Total Solar Eclipse on July 22. The Solar Eclipse, which will be visible from various parts of Asia and felt around the world, is the astrological centerpiece of 2009. Add to this the Lammas cross-quarter gateway at the end of July, and we've got a recipe for explosive change.

Individually and collectively, how will we focus this energy? We live in the cusp period between world ages. Within this context, the summer of 2009 is an astrological high point, a turning point, a crossroads.

Depending on our level of awareness, this portal might open us to new heights of exhilaration or the depths of despair. Everything in between is possible, too. Jobs and relationships can end, and begin, suddenly. You might find yourself relocating, or at least traveling, unexpectedly. Watch for massive Earth changes and extreme weather and political-military escalation. These energies support quantum breakthroughs, spontaneous healings and expansion of consciousness. Sadly, many will resist. We're already seeing some people pop under the energetic intensity. Many will exit the Earth plane during this period, souls choosing to transition to spirit. This is a time of endings and big new beginnings. What's coming to completion for you? What's opening in your life?

Managing ourselves during this volatile period is elevated to an art form. Breathe. As simple as this sounds, it works. Pay attention to the breath. Inhale and exhale deeply, fully. Ground. Center. Meditate. Eclipses break up long-standing energy patterns. The center keeps shifting. Connect with Mother Earth and find your new center. Try yoga, tai chi or xi gong. Eat root vegetables and dark, leafy greens. Release the past, the pain, the addictions. Pray. Do ceremony, especially on key alignment dates. My work with individuals in my Astro-Shamanism pratice is especially potent during eclipse periods. Click here for details. Please be in touch if you'd like to schedule a personal session at this special time.

These practices and the larger astrological context are highlighted in my book, Cosmic Time. This is the most exciting time imaginable on planet Earth, a time of awakening, the flowering of love. The heavens support our evolutionary journey through the 2012 Gateway. Don't miss this cosmic opportunity.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Introducing Floracopeia Essential Oils

As we make our way through these intensely transformational times, I'm always on the lookout for effective new ways to support our evolutionary process.

Author, world traveler, acupunturist, master herbalist, meditation teacher and green entrepreneur David Crow is up to something I want you to know about. His new company, Floracopeia, is producing the highest-frequency essential oils I've experienced.

As I wrote in my article about him in the new issue of Green Lifestyles on Planet Paradise, David is an unassuming visionary with a simple focus.

"The bigger global issues today - ecologically, environmentally, politically and economically - are accelerating rapidly in terms of the need for change," David says. "We need a new model, a new culture."

In these times of change and uncertainty, David wants communities to empower themselves on a grassroots level by becoming involved in local resource management, growing food and cultivating medicinal plants. He works to realize this vision around the world by helping communities establish local gardens. "Then we have our health care system taken back again," he said.

You can read the full article on my web site. Click here.

I happened into the world of David Crow and his company, Floracopeia, last year in Sedona, Arizona. David gave a presentation at 7 Centers Yoga about this amazing project called the Learning Garden in Los Angeles. I was impressed with David's determination to bring local gardens back to the people. He was in Sedona as part of that mission, and today there's a growing network of local gardeners as well as a new farmer's market selling locally grown produce.

I wasn't fully aware of David's company, Floracopeia, until I signed up for his Contemplative Aromatherapy retreat in Sedona a few months later. In this venue, David leads traditional Buddhist Vipassana meditation enhanced by the aromatic and medicinal essential oils bottled through his company, Floracopeia. As we learned about the oils, we also learned about Floracopeia. I'm convinced that David's progressive business practices, educational outreach and sustainable eco-projects enhance the energetic frequency of the oils.

The meditation retreat led me into a state of deep euphoria... and I was hooked. I purchased a collection of oils and began to meditate daily with these aromatic treasures. The spiritual and physical effects of the oils are profound. When I take in the aromatic essences, a deeply calming, visceral wave of love fills me up, head to toe. The plant essences bring comfort, awareness and healing on all levels of my being. And when I purchase these products, I'm contributing to the bio-sustainable projects David so passionately carries out around the world. Everyone benefits, including Mother Earth.

One thing led to another, and later I got a phone call from Green Lifestyles Magazine. I'd already submitted one article for the new issue, and they needed another... this one on David Crow and Floracopeia.

In interviewing David, I became more and more impressed with Floracopeia as a new-paradigm, sustainable business. A month or so later, I became the first affiliate of this company and now market the oils that have become a foundation of my meditation practice, ritual and healing work. We introduced the oils last week at my Core Shamanism training in Denver. The euphoria is spreading.

It isn't every day that someone as knowledgeable, inspiring and dedicated as David Crow crosses your path. I'm deeply grateful for this collaboration and look forward to sharing with you Floracopeia's aromatic treasures from around the world. From time to time, I'll post information about the oils on my web site and in my blog.

Here are some current favorites, in no particular order:

Palo Santo - from the sacred tree in Ecuador
Jatamansi - Himalayan Spikenard - enhances dreamstate and meditation awareness
Frankincense - sacred and healing - there are several varieties - I use the one from Ethiopia
Melissa - also known as Lemonbalm - excellent for brain function, both relaxing and stimulating for mental clarity
Tulsi - Holy Basil - restores the respiratory system
Vetiver - deep, rich, earthy, tremendously grounding

I also love the vetiver blends, including Rose-Vetiver and Vetiver-White Ginger Lily. In selecting oils for yourself, trust your intuition. There are no wrong choices. If you're drawn to a particular essence, there's a reason. Its gifts will unfold within you as you take in the aromatic essence.

Floracopeia offers a large selection of aromatic treasures, including essential oils, traditional Ayurvedic attars from India, exotic and infused body oils and natural perfumes. Just this weekend Floracopeia introduced a series of "Signature Blends," including the Relax Blend, Breathe Blend, Spirit Blend, Hormonal Blend and Mother Blend.

You may enter the Floracopeia web site through my StarPriestess.com web site, or go there directly. When you order, please be sure to mention my name as the affiliate who referred you. The Floracopeia web site is a treasure house of information about the oils and the company.

I'll also be attending the Medicine Buddha retreat in Nevada City, California, in September. Check the blog on Floracopeia's site for details. Maybe we'll see you there!

With heartfelt thanks to David Crow for his inspiration and teachings, to the staff at Floracopeia for their kindness and support, and to Mother Earth for providing these nurturing, healing plants for our benefit ... Namaste.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's Next?

Cycles end and begin, wheels within wheels. Over the weekend we celebrated the Full Moon Festival of Goodwill with a fun-filled, light-filled gathering in Denver. This is the final culmination and dissemination of the spiritual energies received through the Easter and Wesak lunar gateways this spring. What's next?

I wrote the book Cosmic Time as a gift to Mother Earth. Out of my soulful passion for her comes a new beginning, in the realms of sustainable living education and consulting. There's so much to learn, share and explore as we grow in environmental and spiritual consciousness. I've been blessed to connect with and learn from many leaders in this fast-growing movement and look forward to synthesizing information that will continue to help us transform our lives.

I've written two articles along these lines, published in the current issue of the new magazine, Green Lifestyles on Planet Paradise . . . one on sustainable architecture in Crestone, Colorado, and a feature about visionary entrepreneur David Crow of Floracopeia. I'm so enamored of David's exquisite line of essential oils, I've just become the first affiliate of his company. Visit my web site to find out more and order your own supply of medicinal, botanical aromatherapy products. Just click on the Floracopeia banner on the StarPriestess.com home page.

How will all of this unfold? That's the mystery. I trust divine intelligence to bring about this change of direction and focus, even as I continue with my astrology practice, blending this form of transformational coaching with my longtime work in real and tangible ways.

In our multidimensional-ness, we add layer upon layer, exploring the perfection of our divine nature. I wish for you the ecstasy of opening to creative intelligence at play in your life and your world. We live in amazing, revolutionary times. Enjoy the journey.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Festival of Goodwill

It's another Full Moon...already! Over the past month I've been journeying in the desert, in the mountains and at the ocean, meeting many new friends, becoming saturated in nature, and allowing the flow of creation to reconfigure my life in exciting new ways.

Astrologically, the celestial realms support our healing and highest expression with a triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. Releasing lifetimes of pain and suffering is effortless under this influence.

This weekend's Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini is the Festival of Goodwill, when the spiritual energies received through the Wesak and Easter portals are disseminated for the benefit of all beings.

At this auspicious time, we're gathering in Denver, Colorado, for a weekend celebration with Core Shamanism training as the central focus. If you're in the area, you're invited to a free preview and demonstration tonight at the Creative Living Center, 3025 W. 37th Ave. Suite 209.

The Full Moon rises on Saturday night and crests at 2:12 PM Eastern on Sunday, June 7. Be sure to tune in during this time for prayer, relection and celebration. Namaste.

Core Shamanism link: http://www.StarPriestess.com/events.html#coreshamantraining