Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's Next?

Cycles end and begin, wheels within wheels. Over the weekend we celebrated the Full Moon Festival of Goodwill with a fun-filled, light-filled gathering in Denver. This is the final culmination and dissemination of the spiritual energies received through the Easter and Wesak lunar gateways this spring. What's next?

I wrote the book Cosmic Time as a gift to Mother Earth. Out of my soulful passion for her comes a new beginning, in the realms of sustainable living education and consulting. There's so much to learn, share and explore as we grow in environmental and spiritual consciousness. I've been blessed to connect with and learn from many leaders in this fast-growing movement and look forward to synthesizing information that will continue to help us transform our lives.

I've written two articles along these lines, published in the current issue of the new magazine, Green Lifestyles on Planet Paradise . . . one on sustainable architecture in Crestone, Colorado, and a feature about visionary entrepreneur David Crow of Floracopeia. I'm so enamored of David's exquisite line of essential oils, I've just become the first affiliate of his company. Visit my web site to find out more and order your own supply of medicinal, botanical aromatherapy products. Just click on the Floracopeia banner on the StarPriestess.com home page.

How will all of this unfold? That's the mystery. I trust divine intelligence to bring about this change of direction and focus, even as I continue with my astrology practice, blending this form of transformational coaching with my longtime work in real and tangible ways.

In our multidimensional-ness, we add layer upon layer, exploring the perfection of our divine nature. I wish for you the ecstasy of opening to creative intelligence at play in your life and your world. We live in amazing, revolutionary times. Enjoy the journey.