Sunday, August 2, 2009

Om Guru

You don't need to be astrologically savvy to know that something extraordinary is happening this summer.

It's wild in the heavens and on Earth.

A series of three eclipses comes to completion this week with an electrifying Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on Wednesday night, during the Sabbat of Lammas.

Jupiter got blasted by a comet just days before the New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 21/22. A gaping wound is visible near the gas giant's south pole.

Right now Jupiter is aligned with Neptune and Chiron in a historic triple conjunction designed to guide us through these volatile times. Meanwhile, Uranus, Saturn and Pluto are dancing in a T-square formation that signals sudden, deep and lasting transformation in our personal lives and outer world.

It's definitely all related.

Intrigued by the photographs of post-impact Jupiter since they first started surfacing on the Internet, I've been sitting with the meaning of the obvious synchronicity in the timing.

Aside from Jupiter's astrological correspondences with wealth, fame and fortune, the gas giant has a very spiritual meaning in astrology. He is the teacher, the guru, one who transmits the knowledge and wisdom of a higher power. On our planet, the term "guru" has come to describe a spiritual teacher.

The July 21/22 Solar Eclipse was visible in many parts of Asia, and the path of totality cut directly through India, the Motherland of spiritual teachings on Earth. Hinduism, the heart of Buddhism, is an empowering source of wisdom for our times. The Vedas predict the timing of vast cosmic cycles and prescribe spiritual practices to help us align with the flow of destructive/creative energies expressed in the dance of Shiva and Shakti.

It is from India that the practice developed of worshipping teachers known as gurus. Today, this tradition is transforming for many of us into a spiritual, devotional practice honoring the god/goddess in all things.

In astrology, Neptune represents our spirituality. Chiron is the wounded healer. How profound that Jupiter sustained this wound as the Sun, Earth and Moon aligned to create the longest Total Solar Eclipse this century. The guru has been scarred. His atmosphere, or aura, is already transforming as a result.

Is it possible that it's time to release our attachment to authority outside ourselves and honor the Inner Guru? Is it time to recognize ourselves, and each other, as divine creator beings? Perhaps the god/goddess resides within, and we are free to allow divinity to shine through us, to dance in delight with the universal flow of creation.


Comet impact on Jupiter

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse August 5/6

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