Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Songs for the Earth

I'll always remember the moment I realized I was in love. I was alone in the desert of northern Arizona, crossing a weathered bridge over an arroyo. The land opened invitingly, ridges of rose-red soil giving way to the ancient path below. In that moment, my awareness sunk into my heart and I knew. I am deeply, passionately in love with the Earth.

I've fallen in love many times in the desert. In the forest, too, and in the mountains. Especially at the ocean, or in a fragrant garden. The beauty of this planet and her blessings fill my senses.

How appropriate that we celebrate Earth Day on April 22, when the Sun enters earthy, sensual Taurus. In the northern hemisphere, it's the time of year when we begin to shed our winter layers and allow the spring sun to caress our skin. The plant kingdom awakens, alternately drinking in sunlight and gentle rain. As the animals give birth, we sow our gardens.

For our brothers and sisters in the southern hemisphere, it's the time of fall harvest. The natural cycles lead into the nighttime awareness of the soul.

The world is full of potential in this season of rebirth. Heaven smiles on our party for the Earth. The Lyrids meteor shower peaks in the early morning hours on Thursday.

Fierce Light

This Earth Lovefest is nothing new. Since ancient times, humanity has attuned to natural cycles, celebrating the seasons with festivals and thanksgiving. More recently, many of us have strayed from our roots in a world that's become increasingly mechanized, electronic and virtual. We sometimes forget to foster our sacred relationship with the Earth, and each other. Earth Day helps us remember our connection with the natural world, to live mindfully, in harmony with the generous mother being who supports us so abundantly.

In this twilight time between world ages, many are returning to her. In his film "Fierce Light," Velcrow Ripper has captured the words, stories, images and feelings of humanity's love affair with the Earth, and the efforts of many around the world to preserve and protect our cherished home.

If you haven't seen this film, treat yourself for Earth Day. Journey to the mountains of Mexico, the villages of New Zealand and South Africa, to Thailand and Vietnam and a very special place in south central Los Angeles where a group of activists hold vigil to preserve their community garden. This inspiring film will expand your horizons about what it means to be a citizen of planet Earth.

Fierce Light is about owning the responsibility of being human, to live in harmony with the Earth and each other. I strive to live up to this responsibility more fully each day. It's expressed in years of writing, publishing and teaching, my newsletters and blogs, the book Cosmic Time, in my astro-shamanism practice, and in classes, workshops and sacred sites retreats.

The journey continues. This spring and summer, I'm offering a series of teleclasses to create awareness, support and dialogue as we make our way through one of the most volatile periods in human history. Because of the special planetary configurations this summer, we have a supreme opportunity to transform our lives and our world very quickly, to take a quantum evolutionary leap. We'll ride the wave together with the 2010 Ascension Activation series beginning on Wednesday, April 28, on the Wesak Full Moon.

The subtitle of the film Fierce Light is "When Spirit Meets Action." These words carry special meaning this year because of the ongoing, highly charged T-square formed by Uranus, Saturn and Pluto, and the upcoming grand crosses of summer. These planetary configurations in cardinal signs compel us to take action based on our unique mission and purpose at this important time in history, action rooted in spirit. It happens at the level of the individual, and in community. We need courage, faith, guidance and each other as we make our way through the changes ahead.

Earth Day Celebration

In honor of Earth Day, I'm offering two-for-one registration on April 22 for anyone who signs up for the full 16-week Ascension Activation course. All calls will be recorded, and there's an online discussion group, so you don't need to be live on all the calls to participate. The course description is posted at

Earth Day is a call to action for each of us in this cusp period between world ages. Find a new or long-time favorite spot to commune in nature. Take a moment to pause and reflect on the bigger picture. What's your vision? Where is your life headed? What changes would you like to make? Action begins in stillness.

"Another world is here, right now, inside all of us. Listen." - Velcrow Ripper, Fierce Light

Earth Day

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Fierce Light

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