Monday, April 26, 2010

Wesak Blessings

Softly, as the Moon rises
Spirit gives us our answers
In whispers, on wings

Within the Full Moon alignment Tuesday night, we are initiated into the heart of the lotus. The light of Wesak expands to clear our minds as divine love fills our hearts. The Earth, the Sun and Moon, the creatures of this dimension and beyond dance in celebration.

The Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon is the second of the three great spring lunar festivals. Around the world, this holy day honors the birth, death and enlightenment of the Buddha. In esoteric traditions, we are purified in the light of the Wesak Moon as the consciousness of pure love streams to Earth for all who are open to receive.

The Full Moon is exact at 8:18 AM Eastern on Wednesday, April 28. Meditation, prayer and healing are especially transformative throughout this passage and beyond. We begin our weekly series of teleclasses April 28 as the celestial energies rain blessings on the Earth and all beings.

With Mercury (retrograde) conjunct the Sun in Taurus, we have the opportunity to reconnect with Mother Earth, her sacred sites, the waters and mountains and deserts that nourish the soul. I just returned from weekend retreat at Chaco Canyon in northerwest New Mexico. It was a blessed moment to unplug the laptop and plug into Source. Where are your special places of peace and power?


PBS recently aired a documentary chronicling the path the Buddha walked. Through art, narrative and interviews, we learn the story of the Buddha’s life, a journey especially relevant to our own times of accelerating change and spiritual seeking. Whether it's your first time watching or a rerun, a screening of "The Buddha" during the Wesak Moon would be a loving reminder that spiritual attainment is possible if we make it a priority.

For most of us, enlightenment unfolds in cycles, time after time. With each passage of Wesak, we may notice how we've grown spiritually in the past year, or longer. We may recommit to our spiritual practice. We may find ourselves drawn to the sacred in all things, all places, all people... as an enlightened master.

Pause for this moment, in peace. Namaste.

PBS - The Buddha

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