Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Full Moon Initiation

Let the games begin.

On this eve of the Full Moon Festival of Humanity, you are invited to join with forces of creation at play in the quantum field.

The Sagittarius/Gemini Full Moon on Thursday is the final of the three great spring lunar festivals in esoteric tradition. Many around the world will be honoring the Buddhist holy day of Wesak.

This is a potent time for prayer and meditation, joining with lightworkers around the world in loving service to humanity.

As the Sun in Gemini comes into exact opposition with the Moon in Sagittarius (7:07 PM Eastern May 27), revolutionary Uranus enters the first degree of Aries. The way the planets are aligning along this initiation point promises to shatter paradigms and expand human consciousness, opening us to a more galactic perspective.

With this Full Moon alignment, the Summer Games of 2010 begin, a breathtaking journey to the heart of creation and back as we become empowered masters designing a better world.

This summer, the stars and planets sound a wake-up call. Through an unprecedented series of planetary alignments, the world as we have known it will be transformed by what we hold in our hearts and our minds. Let it be love.

Grand Cardinal Cross

A powerful configuration will form in the heavens several times in June, July and August that will facilitate the reshaping of our world from the inside out. The ongoing t-square of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto becomes a Grand Cross as the Sun and Moon (at various times) transit a fourth point to complete the configuration. The Moon forms a triple conjunction with Jupiter, the Guru, and Uranus, the Awakener, in early June and early July, again at the intiatory Aries point.

Why is this important?

Because of the intense volatility of these alignments, drastic changes are inevitable. They will be social, economic and environmental. Anticipate another intense round of Earth changes. While the old paradigm crumbles, seeds are planted for a new beginning beyond the chaotic summer months.

The changes will reach deep into our personal experience, offering a gift of spiritual transcendence. Accepting this gift requires attention and action. How we focus our intent throughout this period will affect the course of things to come on planet Earth for a very long time.

The Prelude

Throughout the spring months (autumn in the southern hemisphere), the Full Moon festivals of the Christ, the Buddha and Humanity have been preparing us for this intiatory journey. We're cleansing our hearts and our minds, and purifying our bodies, to make way for an accelerated expansion of consciousness over the next few months.

The energies peak in June, July and August. We preview the astrology in detail each month with StarTalk New Moon teleconferences. For details, or to order the May 13 forecast recording, click here.

Full Moon Ritual

Many around the world, including our 2010 Ascension Activation class, will be joining in meditation and ceremony to focus the amazing potential of this Full Moon for the healing of Mother Earth and the upliftment of humanity.

The spiritual energies received during the full moons in Aries/Libra (Festival of the Christ) and Scorpio/Taurus (Wesak Festival) are disseminated into the Earth plane through the hearts of planetary servers.

The most potent window for ritual, meditation and ceremony is May 26-28 as the Moon crests to full and the spiritual energies are released. Simply allow the energies to flow through your being and radiate to the Earth and humanity. Pause every so often to focus your attention on the kind of world you'd like to create.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth. Namaste.

Ascension Activation

On Wednesday, May 26, we will have a Full Moon group meditation and ritual in our weekly Ascension Activation Teleclass. This will be the beginning of a new four-week segment of these classes that will lead through the Eclipses and Grand Cardinal Crosses of summer.

The circle is open, and you may sign up for classes a la carte, in four-week segments, or for the entire course (you'll receive recordings of previous classes so you won't miss a thing).

If you sign up for the new four-week segment this week, you'll receive $25 off the registration and a bonus audio recording of my May 13 astro forecast teleconference.

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