Monday, May 17, 2010

Sky Jewels

Did you see it?

The crescent Moon and evening star Venus dancing in the western sky these past few nights steals the breath away, heals the heart, sweetens our dreams.

Just past the Taurus New Moon, a silver lunar crescent hangs motionless in the night sky as Venus, goddess of love, appears nearby. Simply exquisite.

Since ancient times, humanity has been entranced by the magical dance of Venus and the Moon. Our sister star holds a prominent place in the cosmology and myth of cultures around the world, especially in ancient Babylonia, Greece, Egypt, Persia, India, the Far East, Australia and Maya Lands.

The union of these heavenly bodies is considered to be highly auspicious for love, relationships and finances.

The Moon-Venus conjunction continues several nights. Gaze skyward in silence. Offer your prayers. And make a wish.

Under this configuration, dreams come true.

Venus-Moon Conjunction May 2010

Venus Synodic Cycle

In shamanic astrology, the crescent moon is the silver boat that transports the Sumerian goddess Inanna, represented by Venus, through seven gates of initiation after her journey through the underworld. This mythological passage represents our own shamanic journey of transformation through death and rebirth.