Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dark Moon

Within the still silence of the Taurus New Moon, Earth awakens. Across hillsides and valleys, in deserts and forests, the Goddess blooms in twilight silken splendor.

As the Sun and Moon meet Thursday evening, we are reborn into higher love. Venus, evening star, goddess and midwife, presides over the western horizon after sunset. All the planets and stars shine as jewels in the womblike, moonless sky. The New Moon is exact at 9:04 PM Eastern on May 13.

Sensual, earthy and passionate, Taurus is ruled by Venus, goddess of love. At this lunation, relationships and finances come into focus. All New Moons are endings, and new beginnings. What's coming to completion in your life, especially in these areas? What are you creating in this new cycle?

With Mercury now direct and also transiting Taurus, it's time to revisit our values. So many changes are happening so quickly these days. What do you hold most dear in this transition to the next world age? What are you willing to fight for?

Perhaps more than any other sign, Taurus reminds us to care for the Earth, to live sustainably, to live in balance. Are you feeling called to commune in nature, under the stars, at the sea or in a forest? This is a perfect time to visit your favorite places of peace and power. Make your home and land sacred through prayer, ritual and intent. Listen to the voice of Mother Earth. She will guide you.

Mars in Leo ignites our passions. Chiron in Pisces promises spiritual healing. Jupiter, the Guru, approaches conjunction with Uranus, the Awakener, in late Pisces. This dynamic duo opposes Saturn in Virgo. Notice the flow of spiritual energy, insights and inspiration, and the dissolution of structures and patterns that no longer your evolution.

Celebrate your divinity with this New Moon. Honor the Earth. This is a night to dream, and dance the dance of love.

Cosmic Time

The book, Cosmic Time, is my offering to Mother Earth during the 2012 transition. This magical moment in Earth’s history is a turning point, a time of shifting consciousness filled with quantum possibilities for transforming our lives and our world.

In Cosmic Time, we explore indigenous wisdom, prophecy, environmentalism, astrology, esoteric teachings and shamanism to shed light on personal and planetary transformation within a cosmic context.

To celebrate the Taurus New Moon, you may purchase the book at a special reduced rate of $15 each including postage and handling (US & Canada), for up to 6 copies. International postage varies. Please e-mail me to place your order and receive the discount.

2010 Ascension Activation

Tonight's teleclass focuses on indigenous wisdom, sacred sites, Earth changes, prophecy and a possible pole shift. The program will be recorded and available for download whether you're live on the call or not. You may register a la carte, in 4-week segments or for the full 16-week course. You'll receive audio recordings of all classes so you won't miss a thing.

StarTalk New Moon Teleconference

Our new monthly astro forecast teleconference features current and upcoming astrological highlights in an interview/Q&A format moderated by Bob Keeton of Living Successfully Radio.

Highlights this week: Taurus New Moon, Spring Full Moon Festivals, the ongoing Saturn-Pluto-Uranus T-Square and upcoming Grand Crosses of Summer. The program will be recorded and available for download whether you're live on the call or not.

Learn the dates of specific planetary alignments and find out how these energies might express in our lives and our world. We won't just share what the astrology is, we'll explain what it means.

You may register a la carte each month, or save by signing up for all four programs, May through August. Details and registration: