Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wesak Initiation

Imagine watching the Full Moon rise over the frosty peaks of the Himalayas as you join with others gathered high in a mountain valley to receive the frequencies of enlightened consciousness streaming to Earth. Or joining with others in temples around the world to pray and meditate for the benefit of all beings.

The Wesak Moon rises this Friday evening, the most spiritually potent full moon of the year. In Buddhism, the holy day of Wesak celebrates the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha. Millions around the world observe this sacred alignment with special prayers and meditation.

In 1966, the Lama Govinda poetically described the scene:

"On this night a wondrous sight is seen by those who are present. The Full Moon rises like a fiery dome over the icy crests of Mount Kailash ... Heaven and Earth are connected ... projecting a flood of light into the world of man. The Enlightened Ones and their retinue are believed to descend on the rays of the moon ... to bless the faithful by their luminous presence. It is like a rite of transcendental communion ... a truly universal Mass ..."
Wesak is sacred communion. In the milky glow of the Wesak Moon, we grow in consciousness, grow in love. The lotus blooms within the heart of humanity.

In esoteric teachings, Wesak is a focal point for the ascended realms and incarnated initiates to join in communion, linking Heaven and Earth for the benefit of all beings. Enter the temple of Shambala, meeting point of Heaven and Earth, for guidance, initiation, enlightenment.

Timing and Ritual

The Moon swells to full at 9:01 PM Pacific Friday, May 8 (12:01 AM Eastern Saturday, May 9) Observance is appropriate throughout the period leading up to and just after the Full Moon as the spiritual energy culminates, then disseminates, through the lunar portal. This is an ideal time for prayer and meditation in service to the collective.

In Scorpio, the Moon ushers us throught the portal of death and rebirth, transforming us at the deepest levels as we release the past. Jupiter, the guide and teacher, is aligned with spiritual Neptune and healing Chiron. Hearts are opened and healed under this influence, our souls laid bare. We re-emerge cloaked in the gowns of spiritual awareness.

Please consider joining with those around the world who will be anchoring higher-dimensional frequencies for Earth's ascension on this most powerful lunation. The following web page has excellent suggestions for observing Wesak including preparation, a Wesak legend visualization, meditation and rituals:

You can read more about the spring Full Moon and Beltane festivals, and other planetary alignments in the current issue of my Cosmic Time ezine and in the archives:

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