Sunday, July 5, 2009

Galactic Moon

There's more to Monday night's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse than meets the eye.

As the opening act in a three-part eclipse series in July and August, the July 6/7 Lunar Eclipse will impact the Earth, humanity and dimensions beyond. The Full Moon rising on Monday night will be partially eclipsed in the middle of the night. This is a shallow penumbral lunar eclipse visible in parts of Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, Indonesia, and South and Central America.

The eclipse period lasts from 8:32 AM GMT through 10:44 AM GMT on July 7. The Moon crests to full at 9:21 AM GMT. To find out the timing in your area, click on the time zone calculator link below. For many of our readers, the eclipse happens overnight from July 6 to 7, so the most appropriate time for ceremony is Monday night, July 6.

I can't stress enough the importance of meditation or ritual in observance of this important celestial event. While this won't be the most engaging visual display, the energetic significance is immeasurable.

When I sat in meditation last week to prepare for writing my previous post about the upcoming eclipses, I heard repeatedly that this eclipse series is somehow "galactic." My first thought about this was that our Sun is aligned with the Great Star Sirius, and this Sun-Sirius conjunction in Cancer will oppose the Full Moon in Capricorn at the July 6/7 lunar eclipse. Although the Sun-Moon alignment with Sirius has sweeping metaphysical significance and is a guiding celestial presence for us on Earth, this didn't fully explain the word I kept receiving... "galactic." It wasn't until this past weekend that the message became clear, thanks to the divine intelligence of whatever or whoever communicates with us through crop formations.

A new article on the Crop Circle Connector web site illuminates the galactic connection through the mysterious language of crop formations. The article links several recent crop circles that depict the eclipse series in various ways, providing not only a teaching about eclipses but also a cosmic heads-up about a possible solar flare that would impact Earth's electromagnetic field. There's also a link to a recent glyph depicting a bird with codes flowing from its wingtips. The image is stunning.

From these symbols and the theories posted about their meanings, the most important points I can decipher are:

1) Just before the July 6/7 Lunar Eclipse, the Moon is crossing the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy, just as our Sun does each December.

This means the Moon is carrying galactic codes and information as it enters into an eclipse alignment with the Sun. The alignment of the Sun and Moon with the great star Sirius during the eclipse creates an energetic portal that will bring massive transformation on personal, planetary and interdimensional levels, with galactic energies assimilating in the Earth plane.

2) The Earth's electromagnetic field, which protects life on our planet from radiation in space, is changing in a big way. The glyphs seem to contain warnings about solar radiation on July 7 that will affect Earth's electromagnetic field.

There are plenty of other crop formations this summer that are related to this series. You can view the symbols and read articles, interpretations and other comments on the Crop Circle Connector web site. Links to the ones I'm finding especially relevant are posted below.

I don't pretend to understand the many meanings and messages encoded in these mysterious glyphs, and I don't automatically believe how various people interpret them. I see the crop formations as messages from a divine intelligence assisting us on our journey of transformation through the 2012 Gateway. At this point in our evolution, humans can conjecture about their meanings, but it doesn't appear that any one individual or group has cracked the many codes they contain. I've found it's most effective to commune with the symbols directly and allow their energies to seep into the subconscious so we may receive each transmission as it is intended.

What's most relevant now is the exceptional opportunity the current planetary alignments provide for us to connect with the cosmos in a rare and sacred way, allowing higher frequencies of divine love to embed in the Earth plane through us. The Full Moon alignment is at 15 degrees of Capricorn/Cancer. In astrology, the middle degrees of a sign can manifest as the highest expression of a sign's potential. In Capricorn/Cancer, we have the sacred marriage of the Cosmic Father and Mother, the union of Heaven and Earth.

We'll have an eclipse ceremony here in the mountains near Aspen, Colorado, and invite you to join from your location during the hours of the eclipse, or just before, as the Full Moon rises on Monday night. A suggested focus for meditation and ritual at this eclipse would be to open to the vast and mysterious destructive/creative energies at the heart of our galaxy. At the same time, connect with the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and the waters of this precious planet - the streams and rivers, the lakes and seas. Allow the natural energies to bathe us in peace as we make our way through the volatile times ahead.

Click here to read my previous blog post for more information about the planetary alignments this summer, including ideas on how to navigate the eclipse energies.

Over the years, crop formations have alerted us in advance to major celestial events, including the appearance of the Holmes Comet, which burst onto the scene as a bright object in the night sky in October 2007. I highlight the appearance of the "Bluestar," as well as this summer's eclipse series, in my book Cosmic Time and my 2009-2012 Astro Preview.

Here's the Crop Circle Connector article relating a series of recent glyphs that refer to the eclipses and a specific connection between the July 6/7 Lunar Eclipse and an impending electromagnetic disturbance that could greatly affect the Earth:

Read the comments about the recent "jellyfish" glyph and the Earth's electromagnetic field, plus similarities between the jellyfish and the human heart and the mythological symbolism of the jellyfish or "medusa":

Crop formation reported June 27, 2009: A bird with codes flowing from the wingtips. Is it a swallow, or a phoenix ascending into a new form or dimension? Read the comments for ideas about this crop formation's connection with the Mayan calendar and possible electromagnetic disturbances on Earth:

Many thanks to Hilkka Constantin for sending along the notices about these intriguing formations! Crop Circle photos and reports courtesy The Crop Circle Connector web site.

Time Zone Calculator - find out the eclipse timing in your area

Our lives can transform in miraculous ways if we align and flow with these celestial energies. My work with individuals in my Astro-Shamanism pratice is especially potent during eclipse periods. Click here for details. Please be in touch if you'd like to schedule a personal session at this special time.

In Aloha.