Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love Divine

This Saturday's New Moon is a celestial masterpiece. On the eve of Valentine's Day, the planets dance in a celebration of divine love.

Stars blaze in a womb-dark sky as the Sun and Moon meet in late Aquarius, aligning perfectly with distant Chiron and mysterious Neptune. Venus and Jupiter commune in dreamy, spiritual Pisces. Venus, Saturn, Mars and Pluto form not one but two Yods, special planetary configurations pointing the way to our spiritual destiny.

This juicy New Moon alignment energizes our relationship with self and others, connecting us with the broader community of humankind.

Lucky in Love

You couldn't ask for a sweeter Valentine's gift than the conjunction of loving Venus and expansive Jupiter. These two planets are the great benefics of astrology, and their union signals romance, relationship, opportunity and abundance. In Pisces, their connection delivers us into the depths of personal, spiritual love.

Collective Soul

As the Sun and Moon align with the ongoing Chiron-Neptune conjunction, spiritual love fills our world. This is universal love, agape, the love of mystics, sages and avatars.

In Aquarius, Chiron and Neptune heal the collective soul. The Sun and Moon bring personal healing. The essence of love fills our hearts, souls and minds, connecting us with each other, the oneness of humanity, the Earth and all of creation.

The Yods

In Jewish mysticism, the Hebrew letter Yod initiates the creation of manifest form. In astrology, the Yod is the finger or hand of God, and is said to point to our spiritual destiny.

There are two Yods in the heavens at this New Moon. In one, Venus in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn, with both planets quincunx to Mars in Leo. In the other, Mars sextiles Saturn in Libra, and both planets are quincunx to Venus. This rarefied double-Yod alignment signals a special opportunity to explore radical, transformational self-love and forgiveness, deeper passion, purpose and heart-centered leadership as paths to fulfilling our destiny as souls on Earth.

New Beginnings

All new moons are about new beginnings. This one is a celebration of relationships, a time to explore the many facets of love. We're planting seeds, individually and collectively, for a more loving, compassionate world as we transition to the Aquarian Age.

The alignment is exact at 8:51 PM Eastern on February 13. In the days and nights leading up to the New Moon, open to a new vision for your life. Initiate a new reality for yourself in alignment with your soul, your purpose and calling.

Experience true intimacy with the divine as expressed through the natural world. Walk quietly in a forest or near the ocean, under the stars. Light a candle and dance with Spirit. Give voice to your creativity. Linger in the embrace of the Beloved.

Bathe in the essence of love through this celestial gateway. Celebrate your deepening relationships with self, family members, community, our brothers and sisters around the world. Commune with the planets and stars, universal love and the flow of creation to experience Heaven on Earth.

Valentine's Special

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Earth Treasures

This Valentine's Day, love yourself, love the Earth, with our exquisite Floracopeia essential oils. Anoint yourself and your beloved with the sacred oils of frankincense, palo santo, sandalwood or myrrh.

Patchouli is an especially potent choice at this Valentine's New Moon. Try the dark version for a deep, rich, sensual encounter. Add lavender to lighten the mood. Motia Attar blends the elegant scents of jasmine and sandalwood for an otherworldly sensory experience.

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