Friday, April 17, 2009

In' Lakesh

Many are preparing now for Return of the Ancestors, a multicultural gathering of Elders, Youth Leaders, Wisdomkeepers and Bridge Beings from around the world. This event will be held April 18-28 at sacred sites around northern Arizona, including Sedona and Hopiland. I’ve written about this on my web site, in my blog and the ezine. The web site for the gathering is Opening ceremonies begin tomorrow morning in Sedona.

Whether you'll be attending in person or not, please consider joining in prayers of unity around this historic gathering. It’s quite remarkable that indigenous Elders from around the world will meet together for ceremony, sharing and creating a new vision for humanity and the Earth in these times of accelerating change. Those who are involved hold the highest vision of Oneness and Unity, knowing that all faiths, traditions, practices and energies must come together to co-create a better world for future generations. I’m joining my brothers and sisters in support of taking this next major step in our evolution as a people.

I invite you to join me in praying for the resolution of differences, for the opening of hearts and minds, and for the highest lightwork to be done in this dimension and others as people from around the world join together as one. Prayers and ceremony in all parts of the world in conjunction with this event will contribute to this multicultural, multidimensional experience and benefit all beings.

In Oneness with those who have come before, those who are here now and those we are to come.....

In' Lakesh. Namaste. Mitakuye Oyasin. Om Shanti. Shalom.