Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Harvest Blessings

As the planets come into a unique and powerful Equinox alignment, we focus on balance and integration. This moment of standstill extends through Thursday.

The Harvest Full Moon closely follows the Sun's crossing into Libra at the Equinox tomorrow. This is a time of culmination and celebration. We're harvesting the abundance of all our experiences in this Earth journey since the December Solstice.

In a year of upheaval and reconfiguration, we're offered a pause before another round of intense transformational energies begins in October.

Wishing you bright blessings at this sacred and auspicious time.

Autumn Equinox/Harvest Moon Teleconference

We previewed the planetary energies in detail during last night's Autumn Equinox-Harvest Moon Teleconference. If you missed this information-packed program, you can still order the audio recording. Find out when the hotspots are in the next three months and how to navigate the energies. Here's the link to order the mp3: http://www.starpriestess.com/events.html#forecast