Saturday, September 11, 2010


"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it."
- Mahatma Ghandi

The ways of spirit never cease to amaze me.

Last night I picked up a DVD from a huge stack where I'm staying near the Pacific coast in California. I'd never heard of the film "Remember Me," but the blurbs on the cover were compelling. As I sat down to watch, I thought it was your average love story.

It turns out the film was not only beautifully acted and directed, the timeliness was haunting. The story of two families intertwined by fate unfolds sweetly, like a flower in spring. The dramatic ending stirs the emotions and invites deep contemplation.

This film humanizes the events of September 11, 2001.

The heartless attacks on targets in New York City and Washinton, D.C., nine years ago today struck like lightning and forever changed the landscape of our reality. Things will never be the same.

Back at that time, Saturn and Pluto faced off in a chilling opposition that lasted nearly two years. September 11 fell between the first two exact alignments of these two heavyweights - Saturn, the planet of karma and form, and Pluto, the annihilator.

Today Saturn and Pluto continue their showdown with a waning square that forms part of this year's cardinal t-square. The Saturn-Pluto square also forms half of the volatile Grand Cardinal Cross we've experienced the past several months.

The winding-down of the Saturn-Pluto cycle provokes memories and questions. How have we healed since September 11, 2010? What have we learned, individually and as a people? Are we stronger? Kinder? More tolerant? Willing to reach out to strangers? What guides us - fear or love?

For generations, spiritual prophecies around the world have foretold of this time of awakening and transformation. As encoded in the sacred Mayan calendar, the evolution of consciouness is speeding up in these years through the 2012 transition and beyond.

Whether natural cataclysm like massive earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis, or human-generated devastation like the Gulf oil spill, Earth changes are part of the sweeping transformation that grips our lives and our world in these days of living prophecy.

Events in the external world give us countless opportunities to go within, to contemplate, process and release, to open our hearts and minds, to grow in love.

In 2002, as the Saturn-Pluto opposition ended, I lost my brother to brain cancer. He was 36. This tragedy reunited a family divided by time, distance and beliefs. Today we're stronger, and still healing from the loss of Eric's bright eyes and infectious laugh, his relentless determination and quick wit.

On this day, especially, I remember him and pray for all who have suffered in service to this ongoing evolutionary journey.


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