Saturday, November 20, 2010

Triumph of the Spirit

In this season of thanksgiving, tonight's Full Moon marks a key passage of the solar year. The phoenix rises. Death gives way to life.

We harvest the blessings of this creation as we attune to celestial rhythms.

Venus' six-week retrograde passage culminates with the lunar alignment tonight. The Sun-Moon opposition is exact at 12:27 PM Eastern on Sunday. In Scorpio-Taurus we celebrate transcendence, the triumph of the human spirit. The soul is laid bare, bathed in waves of milky light. For a moment, we see.

Next, we go deeper into the spiral.

Venus and Jupiter

Over the past six weeks, the planet of love and abundance has traveled in reverse, transiting parts of Scorpio and Libra in her quest for truth, healing and sacred union.

Earlier this month a shamanic journey led her into the underworld where she transformed away from our view. She has re-emerged as Morning Star in the the pre-dawn sky.

Now Venus reigns in the east, awakening our hearts, minds and bodies to the tasks at hand as we are reborn more fully into our purpose and power.

The new Venus cycle in Scorpio carries us through 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar. This is no coincidence. The ancient Maya observed Venus and synchronized their sacred timekeeping system with her cycles.

Jupiter has returned to forward motion, too. In Pisces, he continues to expand our consciousness and ideals. Uranus, the Awakener, travels with Jupiter in late Pisces, although he moves more slowly and is still retrograde.

We have about 10 days to integrate the lessons of the Venus passage, lessons around relationship and love, money, passion, our creativity and values. We've faced our fears, plumbed the depths of the psyche. We're exploring new options and making choices.

Year-End 2010

Another round of intense transformation begins November 30 when the Sun enters the mysterious 13th sign of the zodiac, Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer. Known to ancient astrologers and depicted in the Temple of Hathor at Dendera in Egypt, this mysterious sign is re-emerging as a transformational gateway in these transitional times.

In mid-December, the Sun crosses the Galactic Equator near the Solstice. Within deepest night, light returns to Earth. This galactic alignment is punctuated by a potent eclipse series beginning with a Total Lunar Eclipse on December 21. Two weeks later, the Sun and Moon meet in Capricorn and we begin tending to the seeds we planted in 2010.

In my astrological preview published a year ago, I wrote: "In 2010, humanity arrives at a crossroads. Individually and in groups, we will initiate a sequence for the times to come, not only through our intent, but with our actions. This is a chance of a lifetime, many lifetimes, and the effects will radiate throughout the cosmos."

The pivotal year of 2010 now draws to a close. What are we harvesting?

As we gather with family and friends, I pray that we're mindful of the deeper rhythms pulsing through this holiday season, that we'll pause to commune with the galactic forces at play in our lives and our world. I pray that we open more deeply to love as we celebrate this holy season.


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