Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holy Light

"Understanding is a kind of ecstasy." - Carl Sagan

This Solstice season is draped in garlands of holy, sacred light.

Today's New Moon initiates a potent lunar cycle that will culminate two weeks from now in a Total Lunar Eclipse on the December Solstice. That's just a beginning.

As they meet in Sagittarius/Ophiuchus today, the Sun and Moon align with the Great Attractor, a massive deep-space anomaly that's sucking in galaxies at an alarming rate. On December 21, the Lunar Eclipse aligns with the Galactic Equator, primordial birth canal of ancient myth.

Embedded within this sequence is the promise of the ages, true wisdom, and hope for the future. Something profound, life-and-consciousness-altering is taking shape right now in the periphery just outside our view.

Over the next 28 days:

The Sun ventures through Ophiuchus and Sagittarius, then into Capricorn.

Uranus goes direct.

Mercury turns retrograde.

A very special Full Moon eclipse coincides with the December Solstice.

We begin a new year with another eclipse.

The next five weeks are a magical, creative, healing time. The journey will be intense with lots of fluctuating energies. Expansion follows collapse. Darkness gives way to light, and vice versa, in a rhythmic yet unpredictable dance.

Throughout this time, expect the unexpected. We're bubbling with excitement one moment, diving into the abyss of the Great Unknown the next. We taste the bliss of higher truth then plunge headfirst into the depths of grief. Life will be full of contrasting experiences, in no particular order.

Within the Solstice eclipse field, time stands still. We sample the moments simultaneously, layer by layer, as the world we have known slips away. All that remains is love.

This is the ending of what has been, and the beginning of what will be, the essence of Cosmic Time. It's the wisdom encoded in the sacred architecture of the ancient world, echoed in the geometries of crop glyphs today. Divine intelligence is at play all around us, hoping we'll pay attention, especially during the holiday season.

With Jupiter conjunct Uranus in late Pisces, there's a deep mysticism in it all, a sense of coming home. As vast cycles come to an end, we breathe with universal forces of creation.

New Moons are endings and new beginnings. This cycle carries us through the Solstice season, another galactic eclipse series, and into a new year. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, many lifetimes, to consciously reshape reality in new and exciting ways.

Let's make it count.

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