Friday, February 11, 2011

Waves of Change

This is amazing.

I just read the headline: The 18-Day Miracle: Egyptian People Power Ousts Hosni Mubarak. Chants of "Egypt is Free! Egypt is free!" ring in the streets, not only in Cairo but around the world.

In less than three weeks, the people of Egypt have overturned a 30-year dictatorship.

The path to Egypt's empowerment was paved last month when the people of Tunisia pushed dictator Zine El Abidine into exile after a month of deadly demonstrations in that country.

The people are speaking. Who's next?

In this year of quantum possibilities, what changes would you like to make in your life, in your community, in your world? Here's your chance. Dream big.

The planetary transits and alignments in 2011 are extremely potent, which means they hold amazing potential. Rather than resisting the energies of change, we can focus cosmic forces to transform our lives and our world.

Collective transformation begins within each of us individually. In this still-new year, more than ever before, we have an enormous opportunity to step into our power and do things differently on planet Earth.

2011 Forecast

This is just the beginning. The next wave of evolutionary intensity begins in early March when the Universal Underworld of the Mayan calendar begins and Uranus crosses into Aries, sign of the warrior. In the ninth and final underworld, the evolution of consciousness accelerates by a factor of 20, which means a change that used to take a year from 1999 to now will now happen in 20 days. (Given today's events, perhaps Carl Calleman was right when he first calculated the beginning of the ninth underworld to begin February 11, 2011. He has since revised that date to March 9. Read his comments below.)

As I wrote in December in my 2010 Astro Forecast: "Sweeping political and economic changes will continue to reshape our world in coming years. Within the 2012 transition, we’ve reached a tipping point. By focusing on love and abundance and holding a higher vision for the future, we can seize the opportunity to become empowered co-creators and manifest a compelling destiny aligned with our true purpose.

"As we make our way toward 2012 and beyond, all beings are invited to consciously engage in creating a world of peace and prosperity through this rebirthing on planet Earth."

Global Alliance

A huge focus for me in this year of quantum potential is a new global alliance committed to shifting the trajectory of life on Earth toward an environmentally sustainable, socially just, spiritually fulfilling human presence on the planet by 2014.

Four Years Go isn't an organization. It's a movement. Everyone is welcome, and your energy is needed. Individuals, organizations and businesses around the world are making a commitment to change the world, and more are signing on every day.

If you're as inspired by what's happening around the world as I am, and you believe in the power of our collective will to change the course of history, I invite you to check out the 4YG video and make your commitment. If you want to contribute your time and talents to realizing this vision, visit the link below to get involved as a Mobilizer.

If Four Years Go doesn't appeal to you, find something that does. Take a stand. Contribute. Now's the time to make a difference.

I wrote in December that "2011 is a year for vigilance and determination in thought, word and action. Absolutely everything will have more impact than ever before. As the manifestation of energy (thought) into form becomes nearly instantaneous, miracles become commonplace."


2011 Astro Forecast PDF

2011 Astro Forecast mp3

Mayan Calendar Ninth Wave
Dear Friends: As most of you have heard Hosni Mubarak has stepped down from power in Egypt on this day of 1 Imix (1 Alligator) in the traditional Mayan tzolkin count, which also happens to be the amazing palindrome date 1102-2011. As you know I do not believe this date to be the beginning of the high frequency ninth wave bringing in unity consciousness starting March 9, 2011. Yet, this is still the beginning of the tzolkin round that would lead to the top of the pyramid of consciousness October 28, 2011 and so 1 Imix is a significant seeding date for the processes that are now starting. The downfall of Mubarak is then as I believe the beginning of a process their dictatorial regimes and authoritarianism will, in a complex process with ups and downs, will start to crumble world wide and ultimately be replaced with a world of unity consciousness. This seeding is the significance of this day and hopefully many will align with it and find a constructive path to the future. Regards, Carl Johan Calleman

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