Saturday, February 12, 2011

Galactic Love

Emotions are running high as the Moon waxes to full in this season of love. Everyone seems to be bit more sensitive than usual. Jubilant, yet wary.

As we integrate each massive change in our lives and our world, we anticipate the next. The new changes are already building, gathering momentum.

It's only February, and it already seems certain that 2011 will live up to its potential as a pivotal year in human history.

The Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius rises Thursday night (February 17/18), illuminating the divinity of the human spirit and inviting us to discover our unique individuality within the context of the collective.

What a galactic awakening this is, a flowering of the heart.

What Is Love?

Every year when Valentine's rolls around, I notice how my perceptions of love have evolved. To me, love is all there is. Each being, each soul, every act and every thing is an expression of the one source of all creation, and that source is love.

Love is a walk in the forest or a stroll on the beach. It's a meal shared with friends, a celebration with family. Love is a tear shed by a father beholding his child. It's a handful of seeds planted in spring. Love is a conversation. It's a sacred promise, a commitment. Love is a blessing and a gift. Love is innocence. Love is the wind.

What does it mean, then, to be in love? I like to think of love as a way of life, of being in love with life, of living in harmony, the full integration of body, mind, spirit and soul, one with the earth and the cosmos.

To be in love is to love your self, to love each other and all of creation.

Sacred Relationship

When we live in a soul-centered, heart-centered way, relationships develop and unfold naturally. We’re all one, all sacred. From the stranger on the street to your newborn grandson, from the birds singing in the trees to the ocean waves dancing in velvet moonlight, life is an interwoven tapestry of relationships.

As we evolve, we begin to feel safe expressing and relating physically, emotionally and spiritually with others.

In these times of accelerating change, many relationships begin and end quickly, freeing us to spiral into ever higher expressions of human connection. Some relationships continue and deepen as we transform.

We learn through interaction with another. Each one is sacred other, a teacher, mirror and guide. Our children and parents, partners, friends, extended family, teachers, caregivers, colleagues, everyone who crosses our path touches us, enriching our life through the act of relating.

A Vision

In this transition to the next world age, conscious souls are finding each other, reconnecting. The flames of love are rekindled. One-on-one relationships form the basis of community.

Knowing that our children’s future depends on our actions today, we begin to build our communities, creating a foundation that ensures their birthrights of freedom, prosperity and fulfillment.

We search for common ground, a shared vision, and put down roots. We design a new culture, free from the past yet harvesting the wisdom of our rich and varied experiences. We create an economy. We learn the art of interdependence, respecting and honoring the individual, sacred other. Each one contributes, and receives, through this powerful, self-sustaining matrix.

In this Aquarian moment, we are one global community, an ever-expanding circle, linked in a common destiny – the survival and evolution of the Earth and humanity.

Our histories, our skin colors, our languages, religions and philosophies vary. One spirit unites us and draws us together, weaving a luminous fabric of unity in diversity.

It all begins with love.

A gift of love from soulmates Miten and Deval Premal, from the album, Soul in Wonder.

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