Saturday, January 22, 2011

Timeshift 2011

"It is not the strongest of the species who survive, not the most intelligent, but those who are the most adaptive to change." - Charles Darwin

Ready or not, here comes the next big wave.

If you're feeling edgy, apprehensive, maybe a bit fearful and sometimes ecstatic, you're tuned in to the next phase in the quantum evolutionary journey that is 2011.

With six eclipses this year, four planets changing signs and volatile outer-planet configurations on the way, 2011 is bursting with potential and equally enormous challenges.

Notice the massive upheaval we've already seen in the first few weeks of the new year, including historic flooding in Australia, political revolution in Tunisia, and tragic loss in an attempted assassination in the United States. And then there's the mysterious "aflockalypse" afflicting land, sky and sea creatures around the world as the environment continues to deteriorate.

The challenges are great, but we're up to it. As the waves of change come faster and faster, this year offers a rare opportunity to revolutionize our reality, and it's going to require vigilant focus and great love to do it.

The next two months will give us an idea how all this volatility will play out.

The Line-Up

Today the gas giant Jupiter completed his journey in the spiritual depths of Pisces and entered the initiating fire of Aries. On March 11, Uranus, planet of chaos, will follow. Between now and then, Saturn turns retrograde in Libra, Chiron enters Pisces, and the final underworld of the Mayan calendar begins.

The period of February 2-4 is especially potent with the Aquarius New Moon aligning with the cross-quarter gateway of Imbolc (or Lammas if you're in the southern hemisphere) and leading into a potent Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius on February 17/18.

In March the energies ramp up when Uranus blazes into Aries, igniting the Leo Full Moon just before the March 20 Equinox. On April 4, transiting Neptune joins brother Chiron in Pisces, opening a multidimensional gateway of illumination that will be confusing as well as enlightening.

And that's just the next two months!

The Universal Underworld in Carl Johan Calleman's interpretation of the Mayan calendar is the single most intriguing element of the 2011 landscape. Beginning March 9, the rate of consciousness evolution speeds up by a factor of 20, so a shift in consciousness that took a whole year from 1999 until now (or 20 years prior to 1999) will take only 20 days. This phase, and all nine underworlds in Calleman's system, end on October 28 of this year.

If Calleman's right, and I believe he is, life on Earth will look radically different before the end of the year.

Time as we've known it is collapsing, and we'll notice the biggest shift yet beginning in March. So thoughts turn into reality faster, and we're flooded with possibilities each moment. This new way of being is chaotic, but also exhilarating once we get the hang of it.

The Big Picture

As I wrote in my 2011 Astro Forecast, 2011 is a tipping point, a huge new beginning for humanity and the Earth. If you wait around for 2012, you’ll miss it.

Are there areas of your life that are due for an overhaul? Now's the time. In 2011, you can ride the energy waves and make changes very quickly. On the flip side, if you don't participate in your evolutionary process, the energies will initiate the changes anyway, and it will be even less comfortable.

The trick to navigating the energies is to stay slightly ahead of the wave, like these surfers in Hawaii.

Below are some materials to help you navigate the intense energies of 2011. I've spent much of the past three months in deep communion with what's on the horizon to be able to put this together. If you care to join others around the world who are finding these helpful, just follow the links below.

2011 Astro Forecast mp3

2011 Astro Forecast PDF

You'll learn more about the Mayan underworlds as well as the planetary alignments of 2011, and how to surf the cosmic energies into a brighter future.

Away we go!

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