Monday, January 10, 2011

Surf's Up

What's next?

With all their galactic connections, the December 21-January 4 eclipses catalyzed a major consciousness upgrade at the beginning of the year.

Now here we are, facing reality. Today's world doesn't quite synch up with the potential we experienced through these least not yet.

The expansion at the turn of the year offered a taste of elation, and relief. Real change is supported in a new way in 2011. We can shift the trajectory of life on Earth to create a more sustainable, just and enlightened world.

We've reached the tipping point.

This is the year to begin creating a new paradigm even as the old is collapsing. There's a lot to do, very quickly, and each of us has a part. Incoming cosmic frequencies support our efforts.

This year is different from 2010 in some intriguing and challenging ways. In 2011 we begin manifesting at warp speed, so we need to be vigilant, stay focused and stay positive. As waves of change come faster, there's less time for recovery and integration. And less time is needed.

We'll preview the celestial energies, the power portals and what to expect as we make our way toward 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar during our New Year's Astro Forecast Teleconference tomorrow, January 11.

This special presentation includes themes and highlights of 2011, techniques for riding the waves masterfully, new study materials, and a special group meditation and attunement. If you miss the event, the audio recording will be available after the call.

Details and registration:

Join others from around the world as we begin to actualize the potential in the Shift of the Ages and participate in the creation of a new paradigm on Earth. We're going to play and have fun with this. Surf's up!

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