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The past dissolving, future not yet formed, all of creation rests in the dark emptiness, the shadow, between. This is the next eclipse, and it's coming right up.

For those of us in the Americas, the partial new moon solar eclipse will happen overnight Monday going into Tuesday morning. Across the Atlantic, the eclipse is Tuesday, January 4. A darkening of the Sun will be visible in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and much of Asia.

Solar eclipses are super-charged new moons. Whether seen or merely felt, this eclipsed meeting of the Sun and Moon signals not only the beginning of a new year but also an enormous energy shift into the next evolution on Earth.

If you're feeling excited, jittery, disoriented, lethargic, apprehensive, elated or any combination of the above, you're probably highly sensitive and already picking up on this potent planetary configuration.

Something big is indeed about to happen.

Eclipse details

Eclipses are special alignments of the Sun, Earth and Moon that happen twice a year, in pairs or triads. The electromagnetic energy shifts associated with eclipses affect the tides, weather and seismic activity on Earth. With an event of this magnitude, we can feel unsettled in our bodies at eclipse time.

Since ancient times, eclipses have been viewed as portents of change. This is because the shifting electromagnetics help break up energy patterns so something new can take shape.

Eclipse periods are also potent times for manifestation. The creative potential in the January 4 event requests our attention.

This week's eclipse is paired with the galactically charged Total Lunar Eclipse on the December 21 Solstice, and energy patterns have been shifting around intensely for the past two weeks. What's been held deeply in the subconscious has surfaced, provoking healing and integration. With a little bit of focus on Monday-Tuesday as the Sun and Moon meet in Capricorn, a new matrix clicks into place, and away we go into 2011.

The impact of our thoughts and prayers goes quantum with this powerful alignment at the beginning of a brand new year. How perfect it is to energize our intentions for 2011 in this way.

Here's the timing:

Eclipse begins 6:40 AM GMT (January 4)
Greatest eclipse 8:50 AM GMT
Eclipse ends 11 AM GMT

To convert to your time zone:

What it's about

In a solar eclipse, as darkness crosses the face of the Sun, we're transported into the quantum field of infinite possibility. The cosmos fuels our intent.

In this alignment, the Sun and Moon meet in mid-Capricorn. Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, and Mars, the Warrior, are also transiting Capricorn. The Sabian symbols for their positions speak volumes about the meaning and potential in this alignment.

14 Capricorn (Sun-Moon): An ancient bas-relief carved in granite remains a witness to a long-forgotten culture. An alternative description reads: A vast pile of Mayan ruins in tropical America discloses a perfectly preserved bas-relief carved in the granite.

And, as the Sun crosses 13 Capricorn on the way to meet the Moon, the symbol is: A fire worshipper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence.

5 Capricorn (Pluto): An American Indian encampment rests by the side of a canoe-filled stream and on shore the war dance commences.

21 Capricorn (Mars): Excitement fills the grandstands during the relay race as each runner springs to his place with eagerness.

Amid the ramped-up energies of the new year and the many challenges and changes we face in this dawn of the next world age, a message is embedded in the sacred remains of the Ancient Ones, a cellular activation, memory of home.

Jupiter and Uranus contribute galactic overtones as they align for an exact conjunction in late Pisces, square to the Galactic Core.

Communing with the Ancestors, the elements and spirit world, the Earth, Sun, Moon, the other planets, the stars and the Great Beyond fuels our manifestation process as divine co-creators embarking on the journey of a lifetime.

Expect miracles

A lot of people are asking about life purpose these days. Even if you're not clear what your purpose is, or the next expression of it, now is a perfect time to make a commitment to serve in the awakening, the evolution of consciousness on Earth.

Capricorn asks us to take responsibility. Pisces connects us with spirit guidance and the unseen realms.

Imagine the future you long for future generations to inherit. Dream big. Open to the ways you might, in this life, help bring about your vision. Find others who share a similar vision. As I wrote in my 2011 Astro Forecast, evolutionary forces support the kind of quantum shift that will help our dreams manifest suddenly.

Within this moment of infinite possibility, open to the miraculous. Om Shanti

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