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What If?

"There is no birth of consciousness without pain." - C.G. Jung

As chaotic events in Japan, the Middle East and elsewhere ripple around the world, it's easy to get caught up in panic and fear. While the Internet is a brilliant medium for conveying information, there's a very real danger of data overload leading to anxiety and exhaustion.

Right now there seems to be some apprehension about the planetary alignments coming up this weekend. Articles and video clips are circulating about the so-called "supermoon" on Saturday causing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and extreme weather. Others say Japan's 8.9-magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami on March 11 were linked to the supermoon. The facts suggest otherwise.

It's true that the Moon's perigree (closest point) with the Earth coincides with the Full Moon on Saturday, March 19. The (unproven) theory is that the gravitational pull of the Moon at lunar perigree will cause extreme weather and seismic activity on Earth. Although some of the predictions I've seen are compelling, scientists say no, that's not true (see links below).

March 18-20 Power Portal

Astrologically, this weekend's Full Moon occurs in the signs of Virgo and Pisces. The Moon in Virgo represents service to the collective. The Sun in Pisces hints of the possibility of spiritual mastery. Virgo also has to do with discernment. And Pisces is associated with the waters of the Earth.

For many, the Full Moon will rise on Friday night, March 18. The alignment will be exact at 2:10 PM Eastern on Saturday, March 19.

The Equinox - the time of year when day and night are of equal length - helps us find balance. This lasts about three days, March 19-21. In the northern hemisphere, we pause to celebrate new beginnings in springtime. South of the equator, we gather the bounty of the harvest and begin to prepare for winter.

This year, the planetary configurations surrounding the Equinox are elegant in their design with the largest Full Moon of the year coinciding with the equinoctal turning of the seasons.

A rare alignment of the Sun with the planet Uranus at the Equinox point (0 Aries) adds the element of surprise to the Full Moon-Equinox party. The alignment is exact at 7:21 PM Eastern on Sunday, March 20. An influx of insight, ingenuity and inspiration flows through this portal. This bubbly, playful configuration is brimming with potential and creativity. It's a time to download solutions.

The Full Moon is a point of balance created by the opposition of the Sun and Moon with Earth in the middle. When it reaches full this weekend, the Moon will be closer to the Earth than at any other time since 1993, so it will appear larger on the horizon both rising and setting.

There's beauty and mystery in that, and an opportunity to radiate our hearts' intentions around the world and throughout time and space. The same with the Equinox. Both alignments have to do with balance, symmetry and natural rhythms.

As the lunar and solar cycles synchronize, the opportunity to bring love, peace and healing to the Earth and all beings is greatly magnified. The power of intent, both personally and collectively, goes quantum through this portal.

Ninth Wave Update

According to Mayan calendar scholar Carl Johan Calleman, the ninth and final underworld of the sacred calendar was initiated March 9. I've been waiting eons for this moment, so I packed a lunch and spent the day in prayer and celebration at Kasha-Katuwe (Tent Rocks), a sacred site on public lands near the Cochiti Pueblo in northern New Mexico.

The warm mid-day Sun glistened on sandstone spires above as I passed through chilly slot canyons then hiked up the mesa. With each step I took toward the sky, I felt the enormity of our individual and collective ascension through the 2012 portal and beyond.

Traversing the rocky desert path required preparation, groundedness, peseverence and a bit of courage. The gifts awaiting were well worth the effort.

Bliss flowed through my veins as I ascended the mesa. Each time I reached a plateau on the trail, I stopped to center and take in the landscape that enveloped and nourished my soul.

As I walked, I prayed that the coming changes will be mitigated, that we will embrace our divinity as the great cycle shift unfolds on Earth. On top of the mesa, I made an offering of blue corn with my prayers, sat for a bit, then retraced my steps, downward this time.

I'll never forget the immeasurable bliss of March 9 and the day that followed. On Friday, March 11, cold reality set in. The raw emotion of Japan's crisis is now emblazoned in our consciousness. It is the contrast in these two experiences that, for me, dramatizes the Ninth Wave and galvanizes my lifelong determination to contribute to the evolution of consciousness on Earth.

Are the Ninth Wave initiation on March 9 and the 8.9-magnitude earthquake and tsunami in Japan related? Carl Calleman says yes. He has posted a fascinating and well documented article about this relationship on his website (link below). Carl says there is no historical evidence that the March 11 earthshift in Japan will set off a series of even more devastating events. Amid the chaos, there's some comfort in that.

Stepping up

Power and discernment go hand in hand as we successfully navigate the increasing intensity of this next level of consciousness evolution on Earth.

The dramatic events of recent days still the soul. In quiet reflection, truth is inescapable. At this critical juncture in Earth's history, we must be aware and choose responsibly. Each thought, each action, becomes momentous.

As we find ways to manage ourselves in these times, we need a strong connection with both the spiritual and physical realms in order to maintain balance. Above all, we need each other.

As I tune in with the energies and hear from people around the world, I keep coming back to the same core message: We never encounter a greater challenge than we can handle. Beyond the death and destruction, the pain and the suffering, lies opportunity. And great hope. Miracles stand side by side with tragedy.

Back in December, I wrote in my 2011 Astro Forecast: "Structures, forms and institutions are breaking down. In 2011, we’re reorganizing at a higher level or changing the patterns altogether and building something new. During the reconfiguration, we become aware of the infinite possibilities of the quantum field. We’re creating a new paradigm, and we have the insight, tools and technology to do it."

The December-January eclipse series that initiated the new year was a beginning. March 9 was a beginning. The Equinox is a beginning. The next three Full Moons are lunar festivals observed in esoteric and religious traditions and carry enormous potential for healing and progressive change.


Let's play what if.

What if last week's disastrous Japan earthquake, resulting tsunamis and now potential nuclear meltdown are a cosmic wake-up call to alert us to imbalances that must be addressed if we are to evolve as a species on planet Earth?

What if quantum physics is true, and how we respond as a people will affect the outcome of such a perilous situation?

What if the Full Moon alignment followed by the Equinox this weekend supercharges our prayers and intention, and allows the healing frequencies of divine love to transform the hearts and minds of all beings, and Mother Earth herself?

What if we, the Earth, the Moon, other nearby planets and their moons, the countless stars and planets in the heavens are all part of a divine dance orchestrated in a purposeful way to facilitate a quantum evolution of consciousness?

What if we're infinitely more powerful than we believe ourselves to be, and this is the exact moment we're intended to awaken to our highest potential?

What if, in the midst of chaos, we all take a deep breath and tune in to the voice of wisdom within?

Earth in Balance
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