Monday, January 25, 2010

Full Moon Empowerment

How are you feeling about this new year? Are you anxious? Hopeful? Fearful? Optimistic?

Since the beginning of the year, I've been fielding lots of questions about the outlook for 2010 and beyond. And it isn't just astrology that people are asking about.

Many are concerned about Earth changes. Will there be another major economic collapse? How can we prepare? What will happen in 2012?

My intuition tells me that whatever we think 2010 (and beyond) will be is exactly what it will be, for each of us.

As an astrologer, I've researched the 2012 transition for more than a decade. The planetary configurations this year are the most intense we've experienced to date. Something is being initiated this year that's far more potent than anything in recorded history. It's aligned with galactic forces and therefore highly creative, and destructive. We have an unprecedented opportunity to attune to these frequencies and ride the wave of creation.

If we're focused, and vigilant, we could become masterful agents of change through the course of this initiation.

The foundations of our lives are being shaken because creative energy is necessarily destructive. From the rubble, a new, more humanitarian and egalitarian society will emerge. We're already seeing this in the world's response to the recent devastation in Haiti. If you're not personally affected, what does witnessing this massive destruction bring up for you?

I published the following in my newsletter in December 2009:

A celestial storm is brewing. In 2010, we'll experience the most intense planetary influences to date in the transition through 2012 and beyond.

Structures, forms and institutions are breaking down, reorganizing at a higher level. During the reconfiguration, we become aware of the infinite possibilities of the quantum creational field. We realize we can choose our next reality. And we have the insight, tools and technology to do it.

How things go from here depends on how we respond to the volatile energies.

So far in 2010, we've only seen the tip of the iceberg. I'll present my astrological preview for 2010 and beyond in a special teleconference this Thursday evening. You can read more about that below.

Yes, the energies are chaotic. Yes, life is filled with uncertainty. We live in a transition period betwen world ages, and 2010 is a major crossroads in this transition.

Astrologically, this new year is about action. Initiating, leading, healing and movement. What has been before doesn't predict what will be. We have an enormous opportunity, beginning in a big way in 2010, to do things differently on planet Earth.

Our ability to transcend the chaos and emerge as fully empowered masters lies in our belief that this is possible. The Full Moon this Friday in Leo/Aquarius (exact at 10:18 PM Pacific January 29; 12:18 AM Eastern January 30) is a perfect opportunity to begin.

Stay positive.
Stay focused.
Create with intent.


2010 Astro Forecast/Full Moon Teleconference - Thursday, January 28

I'll present my astrological preview for 2010 and beyond in a special teleconference this Thursday evening on the waxing Full Moon. We'll explore...

• The astrology of 2010

• How 2010 relates to 2012 and the Mayan Calendar

• Perspectives from indigenous wisdom keepers

• Earth changes and preparedness

• Practices for moving powerfully through these times

The evening will include a Full Moon ritual and group meditation. Details and registration information are posted on my web site:

Astro Preview: 2010-2012 and Beyond

My 18-page 2010-2012 Astro Preview gives an overview of the astrology for the new year and beyond, including dates of major alignments in 2010, ongoing planetary influences through the 2012 gateway, and practices for navigating these turbulent times with grace.

Details are posted here:

When you register for this Thursday's teleclass, you'll receive a copy of the report as a study guide.

Personal Consultations

Find out how you can work with the celestial energies to create positive change in your life with a 2010 Astro Preview Reading or Astro-Shamanism session.

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