Saturday, January 30, 2010


May all Lightworkers of the world reach out, join hands and shine our light.....immerse our planet and all of her beings in holding the vision of the magnificence, the wonder, the perfection of who we are.....that our Mother Earth, all of her beings, all of the Universe and beyond acknowledge and own the beauty, the balance, the holy light that we are.

Our circle of light on the Full Moon became a global meditation on the meaning and promise of the times we live in, a (re)commitment to our path of service, conscious and growing in love.

Deepest gratitude to all who participated worldwide, joining in prayer and ritual for Mother Earth and her children at this auspicious time.

May the group's intentions expand in fullness through the coming Imbolc Gateway, February 2-4. A medley of these...

That each soul nurture the courage needed to express themselves to their community and to all of humanity in love and shining light.

We grow with the moving tide, go within and allow new self-awareness and Divine Intuition to guide us to growing collectively in a Love-centered life that balances the needs of self with the needs of all.

Through our countless small actions we move forward in loving service to Gaia and her inhabitants.

May we so open our hearts that Divine Light flows freely through us into the world of form. May this Divine Light bring Love, compassion, respect, and cooperation into the hearts of all humanity.

Through the transitions to come, we as Lightworkers hold the space for all hearts to open in child-like awe and wonder, replacing fear with Light and Love.

We commit to awareness of ourselves, our minds and our intentions. Offering light, love and support to our planet and each other, especially in the more difficult times.

Individually and collectively, we stay in the flow of Spirit knowing that all that appears to be real helps us remember who we TRUTHFULLY are, PEACEFUL and LOVING BEINGS. Mother Earth is calling us quietly and in very huge ways to work with her, help her, love and honor her. And as we do, we are honorable. Love is the way.

My deepest thanks to those who contributed these words of hope and wisdom and the unspoken words resting in our hearts throughout the passage of the vibrant Leo Full Moon.


A recording of Thursday night's 2-hour Full Moon Teleconference, featuring my astrological forecast for 2010 and a discussion of related topics, is available for download along with my 18-page 2010-2012 Astro Preview document.

For more on the Full Moon, 2012, the Mayan calendar, Native prophecy, Earth changes and more, see my blog post below. Photos: The Full Moon rises over my desert home in northern New Mexico, January 29, 2010.