Thursday, January 14, 2010

Into Alignment

The past doesn't determine the future.

Tonight's annular Solar Eclipse in Capricorn initiates a new round of changes in our ever-accelerating journey through the 2012 gateway and beyond.

Eclipses are super-charged alignments that amplify the effects of new and full moons. Beginning two weeks ago on New Year's Eve and continuing through January 2011, five eclipses happen in Cancer and Capricorn. Issues around family, home, marriage, parents and children will be highlighted. Also banking, business, finance, real estate and taxes. In short, the structures, forms and foundations of our lives.

Electromagnetic shifts connected with eclipses tend to trigger Earth changes. This week's violent 7.1-magnitude earthquake in Haiti is a grim example. A 6.5 earthquake shook northern California days before.

New moons are endings, and new beginnings. As the Sun and Moon meet tonight in late Capricorn, things begin to stabilize again, in a new way.

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn organizes and reorganizes physical forms based on cosmic principles. Eclipses break up energy patterns. Throughout the year, the forms and structures of our lives will continue to shift in this fluid, ever-changing reality on planet Earth.

Instead of waiting to see what will happen, we're invited to join in this process of reorganization as powerful co-creators, agents of change committed to creating a brighter future unencumbered by the past.

Tonight is an excellent time to begin. Align with your purpose and initiate something positive with the New Moon eclipse energies. Saturn asks for commitment, discipline and effort. Here's the timing.

Eclipse begins (first contact with Earth) 4:04 AM GMT/UT Friday; 11:04 PM Eastern US Thursday

Central eclipse 7:20 AM GMT/UT Friday; 2:20 AM Eastern US Friday

Eclipse ends (last contact with Earth) 10:07 AM GMT/UT Friday; 5:07 AM Eastern US Friday

This annular eclipse will be visible across Africa, India, the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka and southeast Asia. With optimal viewing conditions, a narrow ring of the Sun will be seen beyond the dark mask of the Moon in those regions.

Eclipse Ritual

In Buddhist tradition, eclipses are holy days reserved for prayer, reflection and meditation on behalf of all beings. Our thoughts are amplified exponentially through these portals created by the alignment of Sun, Earth and Moon.

Meditation, ceremony and ritual are extremely potent throughout the eclipse window, especially in the hours leading up to the central alignment.

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Our Intuitive Astrology class will join with lightworkers around the world tonight in prayers of peace for humanity as we make our way through the changes.

Align with the Sun, Moon and Earth tonight and feel the tremendous strength and support this creation offers in these fast-changing times.


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