Sunday, March 14, 2010

Celebrating Cycles

Endings are beginnings. With the New Moon in Pisces on Monday, March 15, we complete a year-long cycle of spiritual evolution and deepen our connection with Divine Source.

The Moon and Sun meet in the late degrees of this most spiritual sign, with the planets Mercury and Uranus closely conjunct. Intuitive, watery Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and represents spiritual mastery, union with the One Source of all creation. Jupiter, the guru and guide, is transiting the earlier degrees of Pisces. The dreamtime is potent with messages and insights, spiritual truth from the great beyond.

All New Moons are about endings, and beginnings. What's coming to completion in your life? How have you grown spiritually over the past year? What have you mastered? What's just beginning for you? Honor this passage with prayer and meditation. Celebrate your growth. Ritualize your intent.

At the Equinox on Saturday, March 20, the astrological new year begins as the Sun crosses into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Spiritually and physically, we begin again. It's time for movement and action. Think "new." The Aries energy helps us set plans in motion, begin projects, get creative and play.

Signs of rebirth and renewal are all around. In the northern hemisphere, the days grow longer. Birds sing. Plants sprout. Flowers bloom. The Sun warms our skin. In the southern latitudes, the Sun's light recedes as winter approaches.

The Equinox marks the change of seasons. Ancient cultures observed these special alignments of Sun and Earth with festivals, ritual and prayer. In the north, we plan and plant our gardens. In the south, we celebrate the harvest and begin to prepare for winter.

Galactic Alignment

The astrology of 2010 shifts into high gear with the Equinox on March 20. Since the Solstice last December, transformation has been happening on deep inner levels. Now the external changes go quantum and build to a crescendo in the summer months.

The March Equinox is especially potent this year with Saturn transiting the first degree of Libra, a point in space that connects Earth with the cosmos through the supergalactic center. Just as the Earth revolves around our Sun, the Sun orbits a central point of the Milky Way Galaxy. And our galaxy is part of cluster of galaxies that orbit a supergalactic center billions of lightyears away in deep space.

This alignment on the Equinox creates a supercharged gateway opening us to the infinite possibilities of the quantum creational field. If you haven't watched "What the Bleep Do We Know" lately, now would be a good time to revisit the ideas presented in the film.

Breathe and Balance

Equinoxes are moments of balance in the solar year. Day and night are of equal length. The Full Moon on Monday, March 29, is another point of balance with the Moon in Libra opposing the Sun in Aries. The Full Moon is the culmination of a 28-day lunar cycle and harmonizes the opposing energies of the two signs. Libra, sign of the scales, is about balance, justice and beauty. Aries, the ram, initiates action, activates the inner warrior, ignites our passions.

This next month is an amazing time for transformation. Which areas of your life are due for an overhaul? Consider the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. Stay balanced with conscious breathwork, yoga, t'ai chi or xi gong, meditation and time in nature. Journal. Create with intent. Optimize your physical body for the changing seasons with exercise, healthy nutrition and a full-body cleanse.

Astrology attunes us to the natural rhythms of creation. How will you focus the powerful energy of these cycles?

Earth in Balance
Celebrating Cycles of Rebirth and Renewal
Saturday, March 20, 2010
12 PM Pacific / 1 PM Mountain / 2 PM Central / 3 PM Eastern / 7 PM GMT

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