Friday, March 26, 2010

Lunar Wisdom

Why are owls considered to be old and wise? I think it's because they have ancient souls. Last night my neighbor pointed out an enormous great horned owl perched in a tree above my casita. Such a presence he was, weighty and masterful, seated high on a thick branch at dusk. He called out, again and again. He took notice as I circled him with my camera below.

Much later, in the wee hours of the morning, I woke up with the Moon hanging outside my window. Lying awake in the moonlight, I had a series of epiphanies, one after another. Several areas of my life that need my attention came into crystal clear focus. In my waking days, I hadn't been paying enough attention.

Owl medicine was working its magic. I lay for hours, bathed in waves of milky light, allowing the transformation of the coming Full Moon.

Full Moon

The Moon will be full at 10:25 PM Eastern on Monday, March 29, which is Tuesday morning for many of our readers. As she moves into position to oppose the Sun on Monday, she'll cross over a special point in deep space and join Saturn where he has been hanging out in the early degrees of Libra.

This supergalactic center point is an initiatory gateway highlighted in the astrology of 2010 and beyond. We discussed this at length in our special Equinox teleconference last weekend. If you missed it, you can order the audio recording here:

Astro New Year

A new astrological year began at the Equinox last Saturday, and we're in for the ride of our lives. In Libra, the Moon-Saturn conjunction calls for balance, adjustments, changes that need to be made physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as we make our way through this tumultuous rebirthing on Earth.

Full Moons illuminate what's been held in the subconscious. The Moon has no light of her own. She reflects the light of the Sun, bringing our shadow selves into conscious awareness. I'm ever grateful for the growth that comes under La Luna's steady gaze.

The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon at 9 Libra is three "old masters" hanging on the wall of a special room in an art gallery. This image not only references the artistic sensibility of Libra, it speaks to the need to return to our Source during a confused search for new value in a chaotic society.

Jupiter's transit of Pisces and the Moon-Saturn conjunction in Libra combine with this Full Moon to connect us with the deeper mysteries, expanding our consciousness, the oneness underlying all of creation.

I've noticed lately that the only true solace for my soul is time in nature, and that my inclination each night before sleep and each morning upon waking is to connect deeply with Spirit through meditative, quiet, breathing. Stillness. This connection allows important messages to reach into my awareness during the 3 AM wakeup calls, especially under the waxing Moon.

2012 Connection

The winds of change are reshaping our world moment by moment as we make our way through the 2012 transition. The words of the Wise Ones, the ancient ancestors, have never held more meaning. Be still, and you will be guided, nurtured and supported on your journey.

Full Moons are culmination points. Something seeded at a prior New Moon is now coming into form. What's manifesting in your life? Where are changes needed? Are you living in balance?

During this Full Moon passage, pay attention to the voice of your soul.

Full Moon Celebration

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