Sunday, July 4, 2010

Freedom's Light

Light is everything in the world
to men's eyes
Light thirsts after light
yes, the soul, twin to the stars
moves through space
to find, be made eternal by light
and grasp, trembling,
the sun
a torch handed on
from runner to runner
through the millennia.

- Gunvor Hofmo

Each year at this time, our Sun aligns with the magnificent blue star Sirius, creating an initiation portal linked to the Great Pyramid at Giza, the Egyptian goddess Isis and the all-seeing, all-knowing Eye of Cosmic Wisdom.

The rising of Sirius with the Sun near the June Solstice marks the beginning of the Egyptian New Year and heralds the annual flooding of the Nile, replenishing the physical and spiritual fertility of the motherland. The brightest star in our sky, Sirius streams the cosmic frequencies of Love-Wisdom to Earth. As Sothis, she catalyzes the purification of ego so we may more fully embody Divine Essence.

Under this auspicious alignment, nations have won their independence and leaders have been born. The conjunction is most exact on July 6.

Freedom and illumination are themes of this celestial gateway. The United States and Canada both celebrate their independence from England under this alignment. Bastille Day - the French Independence Day - is July 14. In an intriguing twist, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, the spiritual and political leader of Tibet, and former U.S. President George W. Bush were both born under this configuration, on July 6.

Mother Love

Esoterically, Sirius is known as our Spiritual Sun, portal for the transmission of divine light-love, consciousness of the heavens. The sister stars are reunited each year, bathing the Earth in shimmering waves of creation. We are reborn in the divine light of the cosmos.

This year the Sun's rising with Sirius illuminates harsh realities, a world in much need of Cancerian divine mother-love. This tumultuous season of change is highlighted by a potent eclipse series in Cancer and Capricorn, signs of the cosmic mother and father. The waters of the Earth are threatened even as a galactic cross forms in the heavens, reuniting the Earth with our cosmic origins.

Within these celestial alignments is embedded a supreme opportunity to seize the light of the heavens and fashion a new reality on Earth. It can't happen too soon.

Humanity stands at a crossroads. The choices we make today will determine the course of things to come on planet Earth for a very long time.

In this period between the June 26 Lunar Eclipse and the upcoming Solar Eclipse on July 11, Earth hangs in the balance. The Solar Eclipse on the Cancer New Moon is a time for healing the oceans, sea of consciousness, the vast waters of human emotion, with divine feminine love.

Later this month, Saturn enters Libra, the sign of balance, liberty and justice. In the early degrees of this harmonizing sign, the planet of structure, karma and form completes an explosive cardinal T-Square with Pluto, the Transformer, revolutionary Uranus and expansive Jupiter.

The potential for change is off the charts. Upheaval and chaos reign as the reconfiguration of our world intensifies through the Grand Cardinal Cross alignments of August.

The Opportunity

Rather than resisting the energies of change, we can learn to focus cosmic forces to transform our lives and our world. Collective transformation begins within each of us individually. More than ever before, we have an enormous opportunity to step into our power and do things differently on planet Earth.

Inspired action is key. As we make our way through this volatile summer toward 2012 and beyond, we're invited to consciously engage in creating a world of peace.

The effects of prayer, meditation, ritual, healing and intent are greatly amplified during times of planetary alignment. Reserve time to observe these periods of quantum effect.

In these sultry summer days as our Sun aligns with the great star Sirius, the light of the cosmos streams to Earth in shimmering waves of creation. We are reborn in the spiritual light of the cosmos.

Align with these forces and celebrate freedom. Freedom from the past. Freedom from karmic patterns and self-limiting beliefs. Freedom to find solutions and explore new opportunities. Freedom to choose love.

A rebirth is at hand. Free your soul.

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