Sunday, July 11, 2010

Today We Begin

How can I feel incredible happiness and such deep sadness at the same time?

As the Sun rises this morning to meet the Moon, forming a Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer later today, I'm filled with gratitude for the range of feelings and awareness this alignment has stirred up.

With this eclipse, I'm beginning a journey that will carry me to new places and experiences in foreign lands for the next six months and beyond. Waves of joy wash over my being as I sense the freedom in this new beginning. And yet there is undeniable grief in letting go of the life I have known, my home in the desert, in order to make way for the new.

The contrast of joy and sorrow is inescapable as I struggle to come to terms with the condition of our planet, our societies, the way things have become. I'm aware every day that the waters of the Earth and all her creatures are threatened by the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, that countless beings are living in poverty and starving, that fear, hatred, war and crime are daily realities in many parts of the world. At the same time, I've never felt so alive, so vibrant and light.

I'm amazed at the incongruity. And I believe it's a clue to the secret now emerging as truth in our fast-changing world. How each of us lives each day, the perceptions we hold, and where we focus our energy and intent are key to facilitating positive change. We can all contribute.

We are powerful beings, becoming masters of change. As we step into our mastery, we can focus the divine creative energies of the cosmos to reshape our lives and our world. With the eclipses and Galactic Crosses forming in the heavens this summer, we have a supreme opportunity.

Today we begin.

On this New Moon day, I remain hopeful that a new way is possible and re-commit to my path of service. I intend to contribute my energy to the solutions that will bring about healing and enlightenment for humanity and the Earth.

The Eclipse

Eclipses happen in six-month and 19-year cycles. The issues we were dealing with back then are here again, now, as we complete the cycles and spiral into the new.

The New Moon is exact at 3:40 PM Eastern, although the actual eclipse goes on for three hours as the Moon crosses the face of the Sun. The crossing of the Moon as a shadow over the Sun will only be visible in the southern hemisphere, including South America and the southern oceans, yet we feel the effects everywhere.

Cancer is about emotions, feelings, homes, families and marriage. How are we nurturing? Are we feeling nourished? How are we feeding the soul?

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and the Moon rules the tides, connecting us with the oceans, the life-giving waters of the Earth, divine consciousness and the rhythms of creation.

Today's New Moon Solar Eclipse is the pair to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse two weeks ago on June 26 and joins the divine feminine with the sacred masculine in loving union. Notice the ways this theme is playing out in your life.

As we begin a new 19-year cycle, I pray for the Earth, the life-giving waters, humanity and all creatures, that we might awaken to a new life at this dawn of the next world age.

Songs for today, for the journey...

John Denver: All This Joy
Deva Premal and Miten: So Much Magnificence

StarTalk Astro Forecast

We previewed in detail the astrology of the current eclipse series and the upcoming Grand Cardinal Crosses in the StarTalk Astro Forecast, held live via teleconference on July 8. The audio recording is now available. To order, please go to: You'll also receive a copy of my 18-page 2010-2012 Astro Preview as a study guide.

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