Monday, July 26, 2010

Lunar Revelations

The Moon has had her way with me.

Last night's Aquarius full moon released the energy building since the Capricorn lunar eclipse a month ago. My life is already vastly different now than it was then. How's yours?

The total solar eclipse on the new moon two weeks ago initiated us into deeper levels of Cancerian love, the fathomless love a mother has for her child, the infinite love of the divine that flows through all of creation. Surrendering then to a persistent pull to the ocean, I disengaged from a life I loved and am now even more at peace, more at home, more myself than I have been in ages.

Life in the desert is already a fond memory as I make my way along the Pacific Coast, the edge of the North American continent. The ripe fullness of life rises up to meet me as it did when I first journeyed to these shores two decades ago.

At the ocean, I'm held in the embrace of the divine as wave after wave purifies my heart and cleanses the soul, creating fertile fields where a new consciousness will bloom.

Wheels within wheels, life is cyclical. The ocean attunes us to natural rhythms, the ebb and flow of creation. The tides are ruled by the Moon, zodiacal ruler of Cancer. As a Cancer, I feel these cycles deeply, feel the pain of our planet, feel called to protect and preserve the Earth and her waters that sustain us.

In these times, Mother Earth, her oceans and waterways are undergoing massive changes as are we, her children. This summer is a particularly volatile time with the eclipses just past and the Galactic Crosses now forming in the heavens. Astrologically, 2010 is the most volatile year of the 2012 transition, and the energies reach a peak in the summer months. Notice how much has changed, and how quickly the transformation progresses, as layer upon layer of what was gives way to what else could be.

Within all the change, all the chaos, is peace. Listen. From the quiet stillness at the center of all being emerges the voice of the soul. What is your soul whispering to you?

Mine has guided me back to my ocean home as a new cycle begins. For many years, I've studied and lived within spiritual, sustainable communities whose values align with my own. From that communion, Cosmic Time was born. Gestating within me as I explored place after place, time within time, the book took form in late 2008 and was published in January 2009.

Cosmic Time is a prayer for the future of our planet. It's an exploration of consciousness through the lenses of spirituality, prophecy, shamanism, environmentalism and, of course, astrology. My love for the Earth, my hopes and dreams for humanity infuse every word. As we explore personal and planetary transformation from a larger, cosmic perspective, the changes we see in our lives and our world day to day make more sense. Viewing the big picture makes it easier to surrender, to find peace, to live our purpose within a broader context.

My soul needed to birth Cosmic Time, to journey these past 12 years in the desert and to venture back to the sea, to explore and expand, as a new cycle begins. It's a curious feeling to anticipate without attachment, to sense the worlds of wonder that await each morning as I rise to meet a new day. The journey is everything.

It isn't easy to dismantle your life, but sometimes it's what's needed to reach a new level.

What's calling you from the depths of your soul? How else could you express your divine, radiant essence self in this life? The volatile alignments this summer invite us to explore the infinite possibilities of this creation, moment by moment, day by day, cycle by cycle. Journey to the heart of creation and open to the wisdom of your soul. Wherever life takes you, savor each moment.

Cosmic Time

Cosmic Time is my offering to Mother Earth in these times of the Great Changes. I have a few boxes of the limited first edition left, and the information is timely. You can read excerpts and order here:

"Feel yourself being quietly drawn by the deeper pull of what you truly love." ~ Rumi


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