Monday, August 9, 2010

A Calm Sky

Every event,
Every situation in which you may find your self
Every event has positive value
even the dramas
the tragedies

Even the thunderbolt from a calm sky

- Arnaud Desjardins

As the Sun and Moon meet in Leo a few hours from now, lives are reeling from the energies of the Galactic Cross this past weekend.

Since late last week I've received e-mails about solar flares, earthquakes in unexpected places like Louisiana and Idaho, spacequakes shaking Earth's magnetic field, sudden, untimely deaths, turmoil, angry standoffs, sleeplessness, emotional upheaval and general chaos.

Others are reporting unbridled creativity and giddiness, magical synchronicities, life-changing, miraculous breakthroughs and sheer bliss.

The Grand Cardinal Cross follows the eclipse series of July/August and capped off the Lammas cross-quarter gateway of last week.

In the moment and in the aftermath, everything's changing. The fabric of our lives is disintegrating. At the center of all the flux is peace.

Tonight's New Moon brings to completion the lunar cycle that began with a Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 11. What's different in your world since then?

In our astro forecast teleconference on August 5, we explored the potentials and possibilities inherent in the highly potent planetary configurations over the next six weeks. The Grand Cardinal Cross this past weekend was definitely a high point. There's more to come.

With the New Moon in Leo tonight and tomorrow (depending on your time zone), we begin again. Tapping into the love, the creativity, the divine passion of the human heart, new worlds are opening for us to explore. Many are leaving this life to begin a new journey in spirit. Many are elated, many grieving, souls in transition. At the center is peace.

As we remember our mastery and step into our power, we're learning to focus the cosmic energies to create positive change in our own lives and our world. My greatest prayer throughout this season continues to be for humanity's empowerment, the realization of our true, divine nature.

The New Moon is exact at 11:08 PM Eastern tonight. This is the seeding of new patterns fueled by the creativity of divine bliss and made possible by deep surrender.

A huge thank-you to my soul sister Georgina for sharing the uber-appropriate wisdom of contemporary mystic Arnaud Desjardins at this most auspicious time. We'll continue to explore the energies of this highly volatile season in my Evolutions blog and Cosmic Time ezine.

Blessings on your journey. Namaste.

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