Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mercury Mayhem

That crazy Mercury. Just when you think the upheaval of summer is coming to an end, the high-spirited messenger takes aim at whatever you thought you knew about where to go from here. Poof, your plans just evaporated.

Do you love retracing your steps and doing things over again? Here's your chance. The planet of communication and transportation turned retrograde yesterday. As far as putting your agenda into play, give it up until September 12 when he goes direct again. Actually, wait another three days after that, so the 15th. The Universe will let you know what you're actually supposed to be doing until then.

Combine Mercury's mayhem with the opportunistic upheaval of the ongoing Jupiter-Uranus combo, now retrograde in Pisces, and you've got a recipe for "I have no idea what's going on." Communications mix-ups, traffic snarls, delays and rescheduling of all kinds are afoot. Watch for opportunities to reconfigure in ways that are much better than the original plan.

With this line-up, expect the unexpected. Double-check facts and figures. Confirm appointment times. Be forgiving when things go haywire. Most of all, keep a sense of humor. Get a massage and relax.

Pretty much anything with "re" in front of it is appropriate right now. Retreat. Re-evaluate. Review. Revise. Reconfigure. Reconsider. Repair if possible, replace if needed. Complete unfinished business. This is not a time to start projects, make long-term decisions or sign contracts.

Just for the record, Mercury doesn't actually go backward. Because of the way the Earth's and Mercury's orbits coincide, the tiny planet appears to stop then turn around and go the other way across the sky several times a year for about three weeks at a time.

Years ago, I scoffed when astrologers blamed Mercury Retrograde for everything from car breakdowns and computer glitches to missed appointments and plane crashes. As a practicing astrologer, I've even experimented several times myself with ignoring the conventional wisdom, forging right ahead as if Mercury didn't matter, things wouldn't slow down or get confused. Yeah, right.

These days I take my own advice. I'm actually going on vacation in early September.

The R Word

Mars and Venus are conjunct in Libra, so male/female relationships are front and center. It might be time for a re-evaluation in that department. Saturn's hanging out there, too, so if you're married (or want to be), you've probably got issues around that. There's a whole lot of separating going on after the big Cancer/Capricorn eclipses over the summer. Not as much hooking up... yet.

Think Service

Mercury's transiting back through Virgo, so pay attention to details. Take the time to get things right. Also pay attention to your health and well being. Mercury Rx check-ups aren't just for cars and computers. On a deeper level, our path of service is highlighted in the sign of the Vestal Virgin, goddess of hearth and harvest. What did you come to do in this lifetime? Are you tending the flames of your soul's passion? It's time to remember and recommit. Soon, it will be time to take action.

Balance and Integration

In the aftermath of this summer's eclipse/cardinal cross extravaganza, Mercury Retrograde provides a pause, a time to reflect and integrate the intense energies of this volatile season. The nearby Libra planets help us find a new balance.

If you've been following along with the astrology, or if you're just paying attention in general, you know it's been a wild ride as the planets lined up the past few months for a rare galactic showdown.

Now comes the time to process. Allow the energies to swirl and flow within. Pay attention to messages in dreams and meditation. Honor the naturally slower pace of life. Stay in the question. Answers will come in time.


The Full Moon in Pisces this Monday night illuminates messages from the soul. Lots of people around the world will be meditating together at sunset on Tuesday, which is past the exact Full Moon alignment and a wonderful time to receive the disseminating energies. Full Moons are culmination points. The effects of meditation are amplified through this spiritual portal. Great healing is possible.

The Mercury/Full Moon gateway is an opportunity to rest and catch up before another change-up comes at the September Equinox.

Journey well.

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