Friday, August 27, 2010

Cosmic Crossroads

In 2010, as we stand at the threshold of a new beginning, the Universe offers a simple, supreme gift.

We are given the choice to awaken. Will we accept?

The rate of change is accelerating on planet Earth as we make our way through the 2012 transition. That translates differently for each one of us. We might experience illness, accidents, sudden loss of a loved one, economic hardship, natural (or not) disaster and various other crises. Jobs and relationships are ending. Many are losing their homes. These times are also filled with magic and opportunity. How has your life changed in the past year? Two years? Five years?

We live in a time of rebirth and renewal, endings and new beginnings. Destruction is a natural part of the process. This entire year is about coming to terms with change.

In December last year, I wrote that "2010 will be a defining year in humanity’s evolution. Massive changes will be initiated in 2010 and integrated in the years ahead. Arising from upheaval and chaos, a new paradigm will be born."

How we respond to evolutionary forces now will shape the future. This is not a year to stand by and wait for others to act. Positive change requires our participation, our commitment and leadership in alignment with the soul.

Divine Intent

Astrology is a way to decipher the intent of the cosmos as we make our way through the great cycle shift, the Turning of the Ages.

Many believe the year 2012 is the turning point, the end of the current cycle. The truth is much bigger. As we've said many times, 2012 is now. Vast cycles of time on the order of thousands, tens of thousands and millions of years are completing, and new cycles are beginning, now. That process doesn't happen in a single year. The cycle shift takes hundreds, perhaps thousands of years.

Within the 2012 transition, 2010 brings us to a crossroads. Which way will we go? Will we choose love and abundance or fear and scarcity? Will we seize the opportunity to become empowered co-creators and manifest a compelling destiny aligned with our true purpose? Or will we passively watch and wait, fearful to take a leap and participate in creating a brighter future?

Individually and collectively, we're initiating a sequence for years to come as we pass through the energetic portals of 2010. The choices we make matter.

What's Next?

The energies of change reached peak intensity in June, July and August as a volatile t-square and Grand Cardinal Cross configuration connected us with the heart of the cosmos. A potent eclipse series in June and July amplified the effects. Sudden, sweeping changes rolled through our lives like waves crashing to shore.

In the spring and summer months, an unthinkable crisis gripped the world's attention as oil bled uncontrollably from the sea floor into the Gulf of Mexico. The devastating effects of the oil spill will haunt us for many years to come. From the chaos surrounding this disaster, a clear message emerged. We can no longer ignore the obvious. We must change our ways.

With six planets now retrograde (Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto), we have the opportunity to revisit our choices and decide how to proceed from here.

Issues we faced over the past few months will surface again between now and early next year. Do we need to make different choices? This is a big second chance.

Mercury's retrograde period through mid-September gives us pause. This is an ideal time to reflect and consider next steps as we integrate the powerful energies we've experienced recently.

Opening to Love

There’s an amazing phenomenon embedded in the planetary transits and alignments this year. Through these energetic portals, a new beginning is possible for humanity and the Earth. A mass awakening is at hand.

In part, the power of these celestial configurations relates to the Turning of the Ages with vast cosmic cycles ending and beginning now, in our lifetime. More specifically, the ongoing t-square configuration of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto has moved into alignment with the center of the supergalactic cluster that includes our local Milky Way Galaxy. The energies reaching Earth through this portal open us to the most exquisitely peaceful, nurturing divine love imaginable in this or any dimension. At the same time, the potent galactic forces are highly destructive and cause sudden, unexpected changes that serve a higher purpose in this grand reordering of life on Earth.

With a little spiritual savvy, we can channel all this flux and uncertainty in positive ways. Rather than resisting the energies of change, we can learn to focus cosmic forces to transform our lives and our world. Collective transformation begins within each of us individually. Through this gateway, we have an enormous opportunity to step into our power and do things differently on planet Earth. The changes that are needed are far too big for any one of us to manifest alone. We must join forces and work together, cooperatively, in true Aquarian style.

The energies of 2010 support quantum change. We can break through to the next level more easily now than ever before. In this moment, do you feel free? Do you sense a new beginning in your life that's related to something bigger, something important, something galactic? Are you living your purpose? If not, what's stopping you?

It's time to ask the hard questions and be honest with the answers. An opportunity like this won't come along again any time soon.

Autumn Equinox/Harvest Moon

Planetary energies will reach another peak at the September Equinox, which coincides closely with the Aries Full Moon this year. Join with others around the world in a special Autumn Equinox/Harvest Moon Teleconference to explore our world in transition. We'll give the celestial forecast for the next three months, offer tips and techniques for navigating the changes, and align with the planetary energies through group meditation and prayer at this powerful time. The teleconference will be held live on Monday, September 20. The event will be recorded, so you don't need to be live on the call to participate. Details and registration:

Cosmic Time

In my book, Cosmic Time, we explore the cycle shift and what it means for us in our day-to-day lives. How do we make our way through the tremendous changes we encounter every day? Where is all this change leading? The book focuses on personal and planetary transformation within a cosmic context. The content is relevant and timely. The reach excerpts and order a copy, please visit my web site:

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