Friday, September 18, 2009

What's Essential?

With today's very Virgo New Moon, our thoughts turn to the physical details of life.

The Sun, Moon, Saturn and Virgo are constellated in the sign most associated with the harvest and health. On Tuesday the Sun journeys into Libra and we have the Equinox, point of balance.

As the seasons change and we prepare for the harvest, it's appropriate to tend to our physical bodies. Nourish the body with nutritious foods. A supported cleanse detoxifies the body and strengthens the immune system. Add some discipline and commit to a daily practice of meditation, exercise and perhaps yoga. What habits need to be changed?

At home and work, use this this strong Virgo energy to pare down to what's essential. (It's a lot less than you think.) Simplify, downsize, clear out clutter. Get organized.

Virgo is also about service. How is your path of service changing? Are you aligned with your purpose?

With Mercury in retrograde motion until September 29, we have a little while longer to reconsider our options, revise our intentions and complete unfinished projects.

New Moons are the time for turning the soil and planting. Today's New Moon culminates in the Harvest Moon on October 3. Flow with the natural energies to create powerfully in this time of new beginnings. Notice the blessings streaming in.

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