Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Endings are always new beginnings. As another season draws to a close, my heart overflows with gratitude for the sights and sounds, the range of emotion and sensory perceptions, the sheer bliss of engaging with life, love and the sanctity of being this summer.

The eclipses in July and August signaled a big new beginning. So big, in fact, it hasn't had a chance yet to root. The Moon waxes to full this Friday in a culmination that's less about completion and more about process and integration. More about that in my ezine this week.

I've had the honor of traveling throughout the western United States this summer, visiting in new and favorite places in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and California. What a ride.

The adventure began with the Return of the Ancestors, a global gathering of cultures and generations in northern Arizona in April. Then came immersion with the Sayaka Inka, spiritual emissaries from Peru who dance and sing and pray their way into the hearts of all who cross their path.

Our Core Shamanism Weekend on the Full Moon in June was another high point. An amazing group of masterful beings gathered in Denver to learn and grow as we played in the quantum field. All of that was, apparently, a preparation for attending the Kachina Dances on Hopi Second Mesa on the Summer Solstice. I can't imagine a more precious birthday gift for my Cancerian soul. Hovering on the edge of the mesa, lulled by the rhythmic dances, the drum and the chant, I'm transported deep within the cosmos, to a place of peace words can't describe.

In July, we celebrated the Lunar Eclipse with a creekside ceremony filled with nuance and synchronicty in Aspen, Colorado. For the July 22 Solar Eclipse, I opted for private ritual near the ancestral home of the Sinagua in Arizona. After that, a tour of natural building sites led through parts of Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.

Our August 5 Lunar Eclipse ceremony in Sedona erupted into a moment of nostalgia with a spontaneous chorus of "Age of Aquarius," led by Sedona goddess Jewels who, of course, knew all the words. Night sky watching for meteor showers capped off the August celestial celebration.

The journey continues. Now the Moon is growing full again, another cycle coming to an end. It's hurricane season for many, and wildfires are raging on the West Coast. The changes are accelerating, to be sure. We can resist the flow, or attune to it and expand in consciousness as we journey through this momentous time.

In my book, Cosmic Time, I write about embracing all that's precious to us. What will we preserve, protect and savor as we move through the 2012 Gateway? This summer I've been privileged to see, hear, taste, smell and touch the Earth, mother goddess, in new and exciting ways. The laughter of children rings in my heart. A mountain breeze whispers through forests of aspen and pine. I drink in the morning mist, my toes oozing in briny sand as I walk along a windswept beach. The hot, musty vapors of earthen healing caves soothe my body and soul. I carry new respect for the skunk and his medicine. The birds call my name. Fire lights my way. I delight in chill ocean air.

It's all vibrant, juicy and sacred. I want to always to feel this alive, to relish the world around me every moment of every day.

A message that came again and again in my travels was an important one. It's about the waters of the Earth, how they connect and unify us, sustain life, and offer the possibility of deep healing. The waves and tides teach us about natural cycles, the ebb and flow of life. We'll explore these themes in coming weeks and months, tapping into the wisdom of the Earth to find out what she needs, and what she offers. There were many familiar messages, expressing in myriad ways, reminders about taking care of ourselves, the Earth and each other. The waxing Moon invites us to get back to basics, to be fully present in each moment, to walk mindfully, in loving service.

We're beginning a new project this fall. Actually, it's a continuation of Cosmic Time in a new form. More about that to come. For now, a pause. Meditation, integration and gratitude. Honoring the change of seasons. Aho.

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