Friday, September 4, 2009

Protecting the Moon

This is surreal. Just as I'm preparing to meditate for the exact moment of today's Full Moon, an e-mail comes in about NASA's plan to bomb our celestial sister on October 9. The missile is already on the way there.

The idea is, obstensibly, to find out if any water vapor or ice is revealed in the cloud of debris, which might provide supplies for a manned moonbase.

My heart is struck by this atrocity.

Lara Gardner's blog on Wordpress offers the details and cogent perspectives. There are mainstream and not-so-mainstream media articles on the web, also protests and global meditations around this mission.

Lara writes in her blog:

Historically, the purpose of exploration has always been the exploitation of resources and the colonization of territory without regard for ecosystems or indigenous peoples, and clearly the Moon is the next territory coveted by imperialists...

This so-called “NASA experiment” is a hostile act of aggression and a violent intrusion upon our closest and dearest celestial neighbor. Does any love song or poem or fairy tale worth its salt not mention the Moon? Who can take a walk in the Moonlight with a lover and not feel the romance to your very soul? At night, when the Moon rules, we sleep, and we can visit the Moon in our sleep with ease. The Moon is our night light, our blanket, our grandmother, our mother—it is woman, child, domestic life, tides, bodies of water, liquids, circulation, comfort, nurturing, paintings by Remedios Varo, stories by Jules Verne, and so much more.

My nature as a Cancer is to protect those I love. The Moon, goddess of the oceans, the tides and cycles that influence us so deeply on Earth, also rules my birth sign. Last night I had a dream of a gaping hole near the south pole of what I thought was Jupiter. Now I realize it was the Moon. She was wounded, as Jupiter was this summer by a meteor impact.

The cosmos is violent. Creative forces that shape worlds and stars and galaxies are necessarily destructive. Is it appropriate for us, as a species, to destroy in order to meet our perceived needs? Or is it our path to take responsibility for preserving the natural environment that gifts us so abundantly?

There's a call for world prayer to stop the proposed bombing of the Moon through Gaiafield Wisdom Council.

They write:

Today, September 4, is the date for a World Prayer Circle being called by Shantimayi, an American spiritual teacher in an Indian yogic tradition, and Rose Pere, a Maori elder, to offer prayers in protection of the Moon. Apart from arguably being in violation of the UN Outer Space Treaty (which requires the Moon and other celestial bodies to be used by all countries only for peaceful purposes) the bombing is also, of course, an affront to our emotional and spiritual connections with the moon, celebrated in nearly all cultures and religions throughout human history as a symbol of maternal generosity, love, and mystery. Please join us as we unite with many others around the world to offer gratitude and protection to the moon.

If you feel to, please pass this on and offer your continual prayers for her wellbeing. Thank you for your participation and for caring.

Om Shanti

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