Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oh My

What's all the buzz about the astrology this week?

In the past few days, I've been called, e-mailed and stopped in the grocery store by people asking about it based on something they read on the Internet or in print.

The planets are aligning in some quirky, volatile ways as the September 18 New Moon and September 22 Equinox approach. The big deal, according to some, is that Uranus and Saturn are reaching exact opposition on Tuesday, followed by a compelling New Moon alignment on Friday and the September Equinox next Tuesday.

The way the stars and planets align tells us a lot about the energies we'll be experiencing. These configurations don't influence life on Earth so much as they give us a heads-up about the possibilities inherent within the energetic patterns. The planets don't do anything to us. Their movements signal times of expanded opportunity to manifest and create in alignment with divine will.

Here's the line-up this week. Uranus and Saturn face off in exact opposition on Tuesday, September 15. Uranus exactly opposes our Sun on September 17, with both planets widely square Pluto. The New Moon alignment on Friday features a conjunction of four planets (Sun, Moon, Saturn and Mercury) in Virgo, all opposed by Uranus. The Virgo planets are inconjunct the ongoing Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron triplicity in Aquarius. That's tense.

The September Equinox happens when the Sun moves into Libra, which falls on September 22/23 depending on your time zone. We celebrate the harvest in the Northern Hemisphere. Below the Equator, spring is in bloom. At this alignment, Mars in Cancer and Saturn-Mercury in Virgo are inconjunct Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron, with the Uranus-Saturn opposition continuing.

The bottom line? Big changes are under way. We already knew that. Life-changing events are happening every day. Uranus and Saturn are the key players right now, with Pluto egging them on. Always the revolutionary, Uranus awakens us to new possibilities and urges us to do things differently. Uranian insights and inegenuity can feel squelched by Saturn, the planet of karma, authority, structure and form. Pluto presses for transformation. With Mercury in retrograde motion until September 29, it may not be time to put all those brilliant ideas into action just yet. Go with the flow. The quincunx (inconjuct) aspect present in most of the current alignments offers a special opportunity for expanded awareness, understanding and healing. The energies lighten up in early October, culminating with the Harvest Full Moon in Aries on October 3.

All of this happens a year after the Full Moon in September 2008 when the markets began their historic tumble. Although the alignments this week are potent, there's no obvious trigger like the Full Moon opposition conjunct Uranus a year ago. New Moons are subtler than Full Moons. Also, this is not the only exact opposition of Uranus and Saturn. Because these outer planets move slowly and take turns retrograding, there are five exact oppositions. The first was November 4, 2008 - election day in the United States. Uranus and Saturn were also exactly opposed on February 5 of this year, and will be again on April 26 and July 26, 2010. Since this configuration is in effect for two years, "big events" may or may not happen right on the date of the exact oppositions. The changes are happening throughout this period and within the cosmic context of the Turning of the Ages, which lasts decades and perhaps hundreds of years. We explore this subject in depth and give the astrological forecast through the 2012 gateway in my book, Cosmic Time.

The fall alignments come on the heels of the super-charged eclipse series this past summer. The tension builds to a crescendo in the summer of 2010. At each lunation, and on the cardinal points (equinoxes and solstices) and cross-quarters (mid-points between the equinoxes and solstices), we have a supreme opportunity to pause, re-center, and embody the consciousness of love. These are moments when we can even more easily tap into the quantum field and create a new reality for our lives and our world.

Yes, the energies this week are a bit tumultuous and shattery. It's a prelude to even more volatile planetary alignments next summer. Physically, you might be feeling agitated and nervous, even lightheaded or dizzy. You might also notice your thoughts are turning into reality faster and faster each day.

The best way to handle this is to stay grounded. Attune to the Earth, the planets and stars. Channel nervous energy into creative projects. Downsize and clear out clutter. Pray. Meditate. Commune in nature. Eat healthy, vibrant foods. Cleanse, nourish and nurture your body. Do yoga. Breathe. Open to the miraculous. Celebrate life.

Ritual, prayer and meditation are always powerful, and the effects are amplified at the times of exact planetary alignments. In the next week, those are:

September 15 - Uranus-Saturn exact opposition - 8:50 AM Eastern
September 17 - Uranus-Sun exact opposition - 5:42 AM Eastern
September 18 - New Moon in Virgo - 2:44 PM Eastern
September 22 - Equinox - 5:19 PM Eastern

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New Moons and Equinoxes are about new beginnings. What are you creating with these energies? How are you contributing to the transformation of consciousness on Earth? What are the practices that help you align and flow with the shifting energies?

Personal Consultations

When things are falling apart, we have the greatest opportunity to create something new. How the upcoming planetary configurations relate to your birth chart tells us which areas of your life will be highlighted in the volatile weeks, months and years ahead.

With the intense planetary energies this week, I've decided to extend the special 50-percent off rates on my Life Path Consultations through the September 22 Equinox. This special was wildly popular during the recent Pisces Full Moon weekend. If you missed it, here's your chance to tap into the wisdom of astrology during this time of new beginnings.

In the Life Path Consultation, we explore your natal astrology and identify the cycles of energies you're working with now and in the near future with direct application to your current life situation, including relationships, career, health, finances, location, family and business matters. The guidance is grounded and very useful in making decisions in these fast-changing times.

Details and rates are posted on this page of my web site:

Just e-mail me to set up an appointment, and be sure to include your time zone. I look forward to sharing astrological insights to support your evolutionary journey.

Astro Initiation 2012

This fall I'll offer a new weekly teleclass exploring the astrology of the 2012 transformational gateway. It's a five-week class with a free preview on the evening of the Equinox, September 22.

Join in to find out more about the astrological significance of the 2012 gateway and how to make your way through the changes. We'll preview the planetary alignments and practice techniques for working with the energies consciously. There's also a discussion group for sharing, networking and learning outside the class. Details:

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